Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas in South Africa

Ten Winter Wedding Ideas

Ten Winter Wedding Ideas

While summer might be the traditional and more popular option when it comes to choosing a time to get married, winter weddings are becoming more and more popular. The availability of venues, the lower off-season costs, the uniqueness of a winter wedding. There is also something very romantic about winter. Perhaps it’s the sparkly imagery conjured up by snow and ice, or the idea of snuggling with the one you love in the cold weather to stay warm, or perhaps it’s the sweeping snowy mountain vistas, the deep rich colours, the images of roaring fires, hot chocolate with marshmallows or warm furry jackets. The list of winter wonders is endless.

As you scour Pinterest for ideas, you will see more and more ‘holiday-themed’ weddings. This is the Northern Hemisphere trend towards having Christmas themed weddings. But, we are very lucky here that winter does not coincide with Christmas, so a winter wedding does not mean Santa giving you away, with his elves making up the bridal party.

And, just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean that your venue choice is restricted by the elements. A winter wedding doesn’t mean having to be hermetically sealed indoors. Thanks to our range of stretch tents that are designed for all-weather outdoor weddings, you don’t have to be restricted to an indoor venue. No, in fact, quite the contrary. Our stretch tents are not only 100% waterproof, but they also come with side wall add-ons that provide protection against the wind, rain and lower winter temperatures. Not to mention the fact that the fabric is fire retardant so you can have all the heating you need to create a warm winter oasis for you and your guests to celebrate this happiest of days.

So, whatever you want from your wedding you can have. A winter wedding can be a very glamorous affair. The rich colours, the warm and varied textures. The colours that naturally lend themselves to a white wedding. The soft glow of lights. The soothing smell of Gluwein.

Here are ten ideas that are bound to heat things up:

1) Make an entrance

Arrive at your wedding in a horse-drawn sleigh. Pack blankets and after the ceremony you and your partner can ride off into the sunset.

2) Wrap it up

There is nothing that ruins an occasion like being cold. A winter wedding means wrapping up warmly. Furs (not real of course), sheepskin boots, sweeping capes, glamorous gloves. There are so many accessories that you can add to create a stunning look and that will keep you and your bridesmaids warm throughout the ceremony and the photographs.

3) Roses are red

Red roses are without a doubt the most romantic flowers. Imagine a bouquet of red roses. The deep colour of the roses lends itself perfectly to a winter wedding.

4) Hot Toddies

There is so much you can do to warm your guests up, and what better way than from the inside out. Hot Toddies, Gluhwein, hot chocolate martinis are just some examples of winter warmers that will get your guests fired up.

5) Ice, ice baby

Imagine a dramatic carved ice sculpture in the centre of your wedding space. Too much? Well, you can tone this idea down by having ice vases as centrepieces. Nature’s own crystal filled with wintry blooms will create such a beautiful contrast.

6) Baby, it’s cold outside

There are all sorts of cute and clever ideas you can use to keep your guests warm at your winter wedding. First of all, heaters inside your stretch tent are an absolute essential. Thanks to the fire retardant nature of our stretch tent fabric there is a wide choice available. Whether you want to go understated with a few strategically place mushroom heaters or be bold and more dramatic with fire pits, create features where your guests can gather around and keep warm. But don’t forget to ask about our sidewalls too. These not only keep the heat in but also protect your guests from the weather outside.

7) Spruce it up

Whether you are trying to achieve a frosty winter wonderland or a warm and glowing wedding vibe, your choice of decor will set the scene for the most important day of your life. You can opt for blues and silvers to create a sophisticated look. Feather and crystals for a more flamboyant affair. Berries and branches for an authentic winter feel. With a stretch tent, you have a blank canvas with which to work so you create the winter wonderland of your dreams.

8) Light of your life

Lighting really is everything when it comes to creating a mood in any space, and your winter wedding is no exception. Cool blue/white light can go a long way to creating an icicle inspired wedding, with chandeliers that drip with crystals. The soft warm glow of candles, decorated with winter berries and pinecones are also an option. Fairy lights hung like gently falling snowflakes or strung up to create a clear starry night. With the right lighting, anything is possible.

9) Keep moving, keep warm

One way to warm your guests up is to provide them with a pumping dance floor. The music at a wedding can really set the stage for the event, so consider your choice of tunes carefully if you want that dance floor to be full all night.

10) Warm from the inside out

Set up mobile hot chocolate and coffee stands. Nothing wards away the late night chills like a warm beverage.

With a little bit of imagination, you can create a wonderful winter wedding. Warm and cosy or chilled and stylish, the choice is yours thanks to our range of stretch tents you don’t have to be limited by anything, especially the weather. Get in touch today.

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