Who Do You Call for an Events Tent in Ireland?

A good question, but one that is surprisingly easy to answer thanks to the excellent work put in by one of Ireland’s leading events tent providers – read on to learn why Tentickle Belfast is worthy of your call!

Already a well-established name in the local wedding and marketing tents market, Tentickle has managed to push the boundaries of Bedouin style tent creativity and reliability by providing stretch fabric canopies for two of Belfast’s biggest festivals, namely the Filthy McNastys Music Festival and the Tall Ships Festival.

The Filthy McNastys Music Festival

Possibly one of the most popular current music and dance festivals in Belfast, Filthy McNastys is an ode to the quirky, the eclectic and the quintessential. The festival successfully manages to mix a disparate number of music genres and brings the city together in one of the most electrifying events of the year.

Where did a Tentickle Stretch Fabric Tent come in?

There was a huge concern that the weather might turn nasty over the festival period and Aaron Cleary from Moth Events contacted Tentickle to ask them to find a solution. The stretch fabric tent team sprang into action and in short order had a 24 x 18m Burnt Orange Stretch Canopy Tent setup that created a dry and atmospheric venue space as the rain poured down outside. Just take a look at the pictures that were provided below to see exactly what Tentickle managed to add to the event and how they showcased their stretch tent expertise:

The 2015 Tall Ships Festival

The 2015 Tall Ships Maritime Festival took place in Belfast over a four day period at the beginning of July. It was held in the historic Titanic Quarter and Pollock Dock area of Belfast and played host to over 500,000 visitors. To get a bird’s eye view of the event take a look at the amazing aerial footage of the tall ships in this video:

Why was there a Tentickle Stretch Fabric Tent there?

The event organisers wanted to create shade and shelter to help keep the thousands of visitors to the festival comfortable. They therefore approached one of Belfast’s top events tent companies, namely Tentickle Belfast, to provide them with the best stretch fabric tents available. Tentickle’s experienced tent pitching teams jumped at the chance and put up a number of tents, including:

  • Two 10m x 15m Red Stretch Canopy joined together to form a 10m x30m set up
  • A 24m x 18m Burned Orange
  • Two 10m x 15m Beige Stretch Tents

Take a look at the pictures below to see how they added to this prestigious Belfast event…

The vibrant colours of the tents stood out and provided the perfect bar and entertainments areas for visitors to the festival.

So Why Use Any Other Events Tent?

The proof is literally right before your eyes and the pictures included in this post tell a story all of their own – Why settle for second best, when you can have a Tentickle Tent at YOUR event! Want to know more? Then contact Tentickle International today!

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