Are you shopping around for a big white tent to create a semi-permanent structure for an on-going project, or simply because you prefer to own rather than hire to build out your business offering? Look no further than Tentickle Bedouin tents. Our range of exceptionally long-lasting stretch tents constitute the perfect investment and will allow you to build out your personal or business inventory with a long-lasting, multi-functional item that will always deliver come rain or shine (or gale-force wind and torrential downpour for that matter!).

Get Your Tent White, Coloured or Customised

When you buy one of our Bedouin-inspired tents, you want to be sure that it suits your needs to a T. Fortunately, Tentickle fabric tension tents can be customised to suit your needs. You can buy your tent in classic white to create a blank canvas for a variety of uses, or you can choose it in a colour that complements your corporate identity. We can even have your business logo emblazoned a branded tent to act as a passive marketing tool whenever you pitch your tent.

Buy a Big White Tent to Facilitate Ongoing Projects

At Tentickle, we realise that when you purchase a big white tent for ongoing use, it has to be adaptable. As such, we have adapted our tents to include the possibility of sidewalls to ensure year-round usability, especially for businesses like restaurants that benefit from creating additional seating space. Constructed from the same premium-quality UV resistant and fire retardant organic fabric as our bedouin tents, Tentickle side walls are durable and easy to attach using an additional anchor patch with hook and loop fasteners that are welded onto our tents for added strength.

The Benefits of Tentickle White Tents for Sale

  • Multi-functional: Tentickle fabric tension tents can be used on many different surfaces, including moveable assets like boats or sloped areas like hills.
  • Secure: Tentickle stretch tents are fire retardant and comply with International Fire Regulations, so you are safe in the knowledge that it can be pitched wherever you need it.
  • Easy to use: Tentickle tents are easy to pitch and take down. It also stored very easily, which is great when you decide to buy a tent for continued use and have to store it in in your own capacity.
  • Adaptable: With the addition of sidewalls you can now turn your Bedouin tent into a fully adaptable space that can be extended, closed up or cordoned off according to your unique requirements.

For more information on Tentickle big white tents for sale, get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team. They know their product inside out and will able to assist you with any queries you may have. Get in touch today to secure an obligation-free quote, and take the first step towards a fuss-free purchase experience.

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