What is Events Management?

A good question and one that is easily answered, but it needs something of an explanation if a good understanding of what events management truly entails is needed.

Event management in its simplest form is the application of specialised project management to the creation, running and development of special events such as weddings, concerts, conferences, festivals and other such events. That been said, it is a much more complex undertaking than simply providing the correct project management. This is because the project management of an event needs to be done in the context of the events audience, location, logistics, technical aspects and the thoughts, ideas and meaning behind the actual event. Events management is now target driven and not simply a way to “throw a good party” and because of this it needs to ensure return on investment, be it a financial, social or personal investment return.

What function needs an event management team?

With the recent growth of cultural festivals and sporting events the event management teams that simply organised weddings and corporate functions have become a thing of the past. A good events management team needs to have experience in organising all size and types of events, or in the case of the organising of events the size of the Olympics needs to be made up of the most experienced members of a wide ranging group of events management organisations.

Where are events management teams being utilised?

Because of the importance and complexity of most modern day events it is no longer a good idea to run an event on a “as it happens” or on an ad hoc basis. This means events management teams are used by industries and organisations such as political groups, international and local companies, sporting organisations and festival groups. Basically any event that wants to do positive marketing and build business relationships, raise money or celebrate will need an events management team. In other words events management is a marketing tool of sorts that is used to improve strategic marketing and communication.

Is an event manager necessary?

In a word, yes! This is because each event management team, be it 2 or more people, needs somebody to run the event and make decisions. Often these event managers are the unsung heroes that are behind the scenes of a successful event and they need to be experts at the creative, technical and logistical elements of an event. A good events manager is in fact a multi-dimensional profession and adept at working in high pressure environments.

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