The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Season Survival

Summer is Wedding Season

Summer is upon us which means that weekends are going to spent watching good friends and family say “I do” as they tie the metaphorical knot. Weddings are great fun! They’re the coming together of family and friends to watch two people commit to a lifetime together. They are celebrations of love, dances of desire and a great chance for everyone to dust off their glad rags and enjoy the festivities.

Whether it’s the exchanging of the rings, the best man’s speech, the throwing of the bouquet or the cutting of the cake, everyone loves a wedding. Music, old friends, new ones, flowing wine and love all around. For the most part, weddings are the best parties, but there are several things to take into consideration if you are one of those people who finds they’ve got a wedding every other weekend until Easter. Here are some inside tips on how to survive a summer of weddings in style:

  1. The good thing about weddings is that they are planned months in advance, so by the time the spring flowers are blooming you know exactly what you have in store for your summer weekends. The first rule to wedding survival is to make sure you have a handle on your diary so that you haven’t double booked yourself.
  2. This one goes out to the ladies. ALWAYS pack a pair of flats. Even if you are one of those women who likes to totter along, or should I say, sink into the grass. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, as soon as that wedding DJ hits the decks you will want to hit the dance floor but in the wrong shoes this will be short lived, as will your fun.
  3. Alternate your outfits. If you are going to a lot of weddings in one season make sure you have a couple of wardrobe options, and try to rotate them. You don’t want to be that person who everyone sees in the same outfit over and over again. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a new outfit for each occasion though. No, a change of shirt,shoes or jewellery can do the trick.
  4. Food is your friend. Weddings are a place of great celebration and revelry where alcohol often flows freely. Make sure you eat all the delicious treats on offer. Not only have the happy couple gone to a lot of effort to feed their guests well, the food will also help with the alcohol absorption and keeping you in the right frame of mind to enjoy the event.
  5. Don’t Drink and Drive. Wherever your wedding is, whatever role you play in the congregation, the first and foremost tip to wedding survival is to stay away from the wheel of a car if you are drinking. With so many destination weddings, there is the perfect opportunity to turn a wedding into a weekend away. Relax and take in the surrounding area rather than driving home after a long night of celebrating.

Weddings are a huge cause for celebration, and with these tips in mind the party need never end.

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