For the last decade, Tentickle Stretch Tents has been helping wedding planners like you provide the perfect tent solution for weddings in over 20 countries around the world.

While we provide Stretch Tents to all kinds of event organisers, we know that wedding planning is quite possibly the most rewarding and the most challenging. So why not let us take care of the Stretch Tents and Stretch Decor to make your job a little easier?

Our wide range of Stretch Tents are perfect for wedding planners because:

  • We have an extensive range and can match any wedding theme. We provide everything under one roof, minimizing the amount of run around time.
  • Our tents are secure, fire retardant, and waterproof.
  • We have designed our unique tents to be quick and easy to pitch, and, depending on size, we can pitch most tents with a few hours.
  • Our tents are more cost effective than traditional marquees. Many successful wedding planners around the world have invested in their own wedding tents rather than hiring.
  • Tentickle is always here to help with advice, tips, tricks and ideas.

Read more about these and other facts about our stretch tents and stretch décor below:

We’ve a Wide Range of Both Stretch Décor and Stretch Tents

Our catalogue of Stretch Tents contains ideas and tents for every possible occasion and wedding type. In fact, if your client can dream it, we can do it! But we don’t only stock tents, we also have a full range of décor and fabrics to create beautiful effects, canopies and low ceilings to ensure that your client’s wedding is unique and perfectly memorable!

Our unique Stretch Décor can transform a wedding tent into a magical fairytale theme or an arabian nights theme or winter wonderland wedding easily, quickly and at very low cost and are sure to take your client’s wedding guests’ breath away!

Stretch Décor is only one way to transform your wedding tent. Thanks to innovative lighting you can transform your classic white wedding tent into a thumping club vibe with the simple flick of a switch. With intelligent lighting your can transform your wedding tent’s fabric into a screen for colours, video or pictures.

Take a look at some these great weddings that we have helped make happen.

Our Stretch Tents are Fire Retardant and Waterproof

Thanks to our unique fabric, our Stretch Tents are not only waterproof, they are fire retardant as well. In fact we have the world’s only organic 3-ply stretch fabric that is both fire retardant and waterproof. This means that you don’t need to worry about rain, candles or gas heaters at your weddings.

Our Tents are Quick to Pitch and Highly Affordable

We have designed our tents to be simple and quick to pitch. In fact we can teach you how to pitch them yourself if you want to buy signature tents for your business. Our trained staff can pitch a tent quickly and on time in virtually any environment. Just tell us where you want it and we’ll get the job done!

Our unique Stretch Tents are a cost effective and simple solution to covering your next wedding.

We are Here for You

We know that wedding planning is challenging, but by working together we can make your role as wedding coordinator easier. Our Stretch Tent experts are always willing to chat about tents and how we can make your next wedding easier and unforgettable.

Contact us – we’d love to chat about making somebody’s dream wedding a reality.

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