Beautiful, stunning and perfect for every occasion are just some of the words used to describe the Tentickle Stretch Tents for sale in the UK. These semi-permanent stretch fabric Bedouin style tent structures are the pride of our company and some of the most sort after special events stretch tents for sale in the UK entertainment and wedding industry.

The Perfect Events Tents for Sale

Event planners, music festival organisers, expo organisers, promotional companies, large corporates, wedding planners, restaurants and function venues are just some of the exceptional clients who have purchased events tents from us. Our tents have become so popular in fact that we have extend our events tents for sale range to ensure that we can cover some of the biggest events in Britain, be they:

  • Society Weddings
  • Outdoor Birthday Events
  • Sports Events
  • Music Concerts
  • Local Theatre Events
  • Community Carnivals
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Events

Wedding Tents for Sale

Looking for a wedding tent for sale? Why not consider purchasing a stunning stretch tent that is not only strikingly elegant but exceptionally versatile? Our Tentickle Stretch Tents can be set up in almost any condition and on any ground type and provide a beautiful backdrop to any wedding day, no matter what the theme or colour scheme. They can even be set up on a semi-permanent basis, which means that they are perfect for wedding venues that offer year round, or even seasonal outdoor wedding venue options. These tried and tested stretch wedding tents are far superior to the many more conventional tents in the UK, as they offer:

  • A safe tented environment, as each and every Tentickle tent is made from organic 3-ply fire-retardant stretch fabric
  • All-weather functionality that caters for the perfect wedding no matter the time of the year
  • Personalised looks, colour, branding and stretch fabric features

Party Tents for Sale

The United Kingdom is a country that is filled with people who thrive on social occasions. This is why so many venues need to cater for ever expanding crowds. One of the most cost effective ways of doing this is my purchasing a party tent. For this very reason we at Tentickle offer our premier range of Party Tents for Sale to customers all around Britain, including in:

  • London
  • Essex
  • Kent
  • Yorkshire
  • Sussex
  • Surrey
  • Dorset
  • Hampshire
  • Oxfordshire

The advantages of Buying a Stretch Tent

When you make the decision to purchase a stretch tent from Tentickle you are literally investing in the future! This is because our semi-permanent stretch tents help to eliminate the need for sourcing additional event space each and every time you require it. They are also extremely durable, which means that you’ll be able to use them again and again and again. Not only this, but they are extremely cost effective and safe! However, we do understand that buying a stretch tent is not for everybody, so if you would prefer not to purchase a tent but rent it, then please take a look at our UK stretch tent hire options on this site.

Contact Us Regarding Stretch Tent Prices

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