As suppliers of Tentickle stretch tents in the UK, we work tirelessly with our South African marquee manufacturers to ensure that our range of Bedouin inspired stretch tents that are not only world class, but world renowned too. Based in Cape Town, the makers of our stretch tents have set themselves apart from the competition, both in South Africa and throughout the world, thanks to the creative approach to design, finely tuned manufacturing processes and innovative approach to breaking new technological boundaries within the industry of party tent manufacturers.

Turnkey Tent Manufacturers

The stretch tents we supply are unique in that every aspect involved in production, from the initial conceptual design right up to the final packaging, is carried out on site, in South Africa, by a trained and qualified member of the team. From designers to stitchers, sales to distribution, every step of the production process is managed in-house, which means that the final product is one that stands up to the rigorous set of checks that are in place to ensure that we receive only the finest quality stretch tents for our customers. None of the production is outsourced to other marquee manufacturers, which is why a guarantee of exceptional quality is offered on every product that leaves the warehouse in Cape Town.

Dedicated Marquee Tent Manufacturers

From the staff who clean the factory to the head designer, each and every member of the production team is seen as having invaluable input. The team has grown with the business, and each member has been groomed to be at the top of their game – to be the best at what they do so that the best stretch tents are produced, and so the company can continue to be one of the top tent manufacturers and suppliers on the planet. Each person has an integral part to play, and this is nurtured so that as the business grows so too do the individuals within it. Through fostering and developing a strong and loyal workforce who are responsible for the production of the tents we supply and who are highly skilled and personally invested in being marquee manufacturers, we are able to provide a product that is in a class of its own AND service and dedication that is hard to beat.

South African Stretch Tent Manufacturers Servicing the World

As leading stretch marquee manufacturers based in South Africa, many people are surprised to hear that the stretch tents made in South Africa are supplied to several countries on the African continent, and over 20 countries across the globe, including the UK.. From Iceland to Australia, Tentickle has a reputation of being one of the leading event tent manufacturers in the world.

What sets us apart from other marquee manufacturers?

Since it was first started, the drive behind Tentickle has been to be the biggest and the best producer and supplier of stretch tents across the globe. An unwavering commitment to reach this goal, and to maintain its position has kept Tentickle at the forefront of the stretch tent industry and has made the company one of the leading marquee manufacturers out there. To find out more about our world class tents and to discuss your specific needs chat to one of our Tentickle UK consultants now. We can assist throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland so get in touch now.

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