Nothing says party like a Tentickle party tent. Our extensive range of stretch Bedouin tents made from specially patented fabrics lends itself to celebrations of all kinds and sizes. If you want to throw a party in a tent look no further! We are the outdoor party tents expert. With suppliers spanning the length and breadth of the UK, there is no party that we can’t cover.

Party Marquee Sizes and Colours

Think of a Tentickle party tent as a blank canvas. The organic nature of our structures means that they lend themselves to any theme or occasion of any size. From the exotic to the romantic, from the formal to the casual, they can be configured to fit any number of guests and entertainment. Turn a canvas party tent into a world of wonder and imagination. Transform a large outdoor party tent into a formal dinner and dance. There is no limit to what you can do. Whether you are seating people, setting up a dance floor or even a stage, we have the perfect portable party tent for you – we have big party tents and small ones too, that come in a range of sizes including:

  • 10×30 party tent
  • 16 x 20 party tent
  • 20×20 party tent
  • 20×30 party tent
We have a variety of colours too, including white party tents which are a very romantic setting for any nuptial celebrations. We have big white party tents, extremely large white party tents and HUGE party tents to accommodate even the largest of guest lists.

A Party Tent for Any Event

Don’t let the British weather dampen your spirits. When you use a waterproof party tent from Tentickle, that last thing you will need worry about is a bit of drizzle. Our structures offer 100% protection from the rain and provide the perfect shade for a hot summer’s day too. Even if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you need not worry about our heavy duty party tents blowing away. We also offer the option of side walls for our tents which keep the wind at bay.

Because of our specially developed and patented fabrics and our experience of working in some extreme weather conditions, our stretch tents are perfect if you are looking for any sort of outside party tent, including a garden party tent, a birthday party tent, a backyard party tent, or even a wedding party tent.

Why choose Tentickle as your party tent company

We have been supplied and been involved with party tents and events all over the world for well over a decade. We have garnered the experience and expertise that makes us one of the top suppliers of commercial party tents and wholesale party tents. Whether you are looking to buy or are in the market for party tarp rentals, not matter where in the UK, we can assist thanks to our extensive coverage of the British Isles. We offer our customers highly competitive party tent prices and can advise on the most budget-friendly solutions for their event.

Get Your Marquee Party Tent Now!

Our stretch tents are so versatile and useful that even if you are just looking to cover a back area of your garden we can assist you. We also offer large party tents for functions, celebrations and all manner of other events. To find out more about our party tents contact us now and get ready to party!

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