Whatever the event or occasion, whatever the season or the reason, Tentickle offers a marquee hire service to suit all your needs. Our experience in the events industry means that we can give you a tailor made solution for marquee rentals that is just right for the size and specifications of your celebration.

Because of the nature and infrastructure of our business we can offer you the best solution to fit your requirements when it comes to marquee rental prices. Whether you are looking for large marquee hire or smaller event marquee hire, a wedding marquee or a marquee for a corporate function, we’ve got it covered.

Marquees for Hire, Whatever the Weather

It’s no great secret that the British weather can often cause havoc and panic when it comes to planning outdoor events. When you come to us for outdoor marquee hire this worry simply evaporates. Our unique product, variety of sizes and colours means that not only do you not have to worry about the weather but you have a choice when it comes to your choice of marquee. To hire one of our specialised marquees is very easy. Our expertly trained staff are always on hand to assist.

But before you contact us, here is a short marquee hire guide:

  • Waterproof and UV proof, rain or shine your guests will be protected from the elements.
  • Our specially patented fire retardant fabric (which adheres to the strictest international safety standards) means that gas burners and heaters can be used and so your event can be heated. Marquee hire arranged through us means that we can also assist with providing value added items such as heaters and lighting.
  • The versatile and flexible nature of our products means that we can set up almost anywhere, from the busiest inner city venues to the most remote outposts in the middle of nowhere.
  • Size is no obstacle. Big or small, we can accommodate your requirements. From festival marquee hire to a simple marquee for rent for a child’s birthday party we have a full range that is suitable for any sized occasion.

Marquee Hire Prices

We are often asked the question: how much to hire a marquee? But because each event is so very different from the last, or from the next one, and because most of our marquee-for-rent solutions are based on individual requirements, we quote on a job by job basis. This being said it is our promise to our customers that as part of the marquee hire cost you will get our invaluable expertise and excellent service. The cost of the marquee hire includes set up, strike and our team on hand for any additional advice. We are your team, and are always here to help. Each job is tackled with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm.

Town and Country, Rooftop or Garden Marquee Hire

A Tentickle marquee for hire for any occasion always adds a very special touch any event. Unlike traditional marquee hire, our marquees are based on the design of Bedouin tents and as such are much more versatile and flexible when it comes to set up configuration and design. No one event is set up the same as another. Each location is totally different, as is the time of year and size. When summer comes there is a rush of requests for garden marquees for hire. We also specialise in winter marquee hire too, and our industry leading approach to what we do means that can advise and recommend ways to get the best out of your marquee hire.

Party Marquee Hire Ideas

We do cater for marquee hire for ALL occasions – corporate, private, public, inside, outside – we love to party, so what better way to kick of your celebration than under a Tentickle marquee. Party hire companies might offer the hire of a marquee, but unless it’s a Tentickle marquee, it’s not a party!

Our special marquees lend themselves to any celebration. There is something special about the magic that happens under the roof of one of our marquees. Create a fantasy fairy land, a Moroccan souk, a barn dance, a black tie ball, there is no limit to what you can have if you want a themed marquee. Hire from us and you are guaranteed to have a once in a lifetime party experience.

All you need to know about wedding marquee hire

A wedding marquee from Tentickle is the best present you could give yourself. Your wedding day is one of those landmark moments in your life. It is only fitting to celebrate such a momentous occasion under the roof of wedding tent from us.

Why you should choose a wedding marquee from Tentickle Stretch Tents?

By choosing us to supply your wedding marquee, you are getting more than a wedding tent for hire. We set up for your special day without any fuss or hassle. We know how special this day is for you, and we want to make it the best day possible. Our team are expert as setting up anywhere, in any conditions. We’ll give you the best configuration for the weather, location and festivities. With years of experience setting up for weddings, we know how to create the best scenario for your wedding day.

Talk to us about wedding marquee venues

Having been in the business for years, we have some great tips on wedding marquee venues. Because we’ve worked at such a huge variety of locations, we can recommend size, configuration, colour, lighting and even where to position the wedding marquee. We specialise in outdoor set ups so are very good at adapting our wedding marquees for any conditions. Whatever the size, we can accommodate – we have a wide variety of sizes, and can always join our wedding tents for larger celebrations.

Chat to us about the best wedding marquee hire price out there

We offer the most competitive wedding marquee hire price out there. Our top quality, unique stretch wedding marquee selection is the ultimate wedding tent alternative. As wedding tent manufacturers our specialised expertise are always available to create best solution for your wedding set up. We carry out a site visit to assess the venue and make our recommendations from there. We have a range of stretch wedding marquees in a range of sizes, colours and fabrics, so we can provide several options depending on your budget. We want you to have the best day ever, and we know that under a Tentickle wedding marquee this is a guarantee!

Here’s How to Rent a Marquee or Wedding Tent

At Tentickle we are here to help you get what you want out of your event. The first stop is to contact one of our expert staff for a quote. Once we have an idea of what it is you are looking for we can then make sure your event goes off with a bang, whether it’s under a small or large marquee. Hire prices will differ depending on the location and size. We offer marquee hire in UK, including marquee hire in Scotland, so we are the one stop marquee hire shop. Get in touch for a quote by using the form at the top of this page.

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