For all your Stretch Tent needs, whether you want to purchase your own tent or hire for a specific occasion, contact Tentickle Tents’ official distributor in Turkey. Stretch Tents complement Turkey’s exquisite landscape and turquoise waters perfectly. The elegant lines of the stretch tent will draw the visitor’s eyes to a backdrop of ancient sites, sapphire seas or reverent mosques. Choose a location where hot air balloons float through skies in which ancient gods were once believed to reside and you’ll be inspired to create a very memorable event – something a stretch tent is designed to do. No matter what type of event you are hosting, or the location in Turkey you choose, Tentickle stretch tents are engineered to inspire smiles of delight. Being both versatile and durable, a stretch tent is fast becoming the event tent of choice in Turkey.

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Transform any function, event or venue with a Tentickle Stretch Tent. Our superior quality Stretch Tents are versatile, fire-retardant and made from unique organic materials. Find our more by going to the relevant pages.

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