Essential Tips For Planning Outdoor Events

Tented Outdoor Event Planning

Tentickle’s Tips for Planning Outdoor Events

The great outdoors often present unique opportunities for all sorts of activities, functions or even meetings. One of the biggest drawcards of an outdoor venue is the energy that it brings to everyone involved. Who doesn’t appreciate the fresh air and beautiful scenery instead of being stuck in a boardroom, stuffy office or crowded restaurant?

Successfully planning outdoor events can result a memorable occasion, even charming, but it can all change in the blink of an eye. The weather might take a turn for the worse or an oversight in terms of preparation could result in sub-par quality equipment and facilities.

While all outdoor events face some challenges, complications and logistical concerns, there are many things you can do to prepare for an elegant event. The extra preparation and careful planning can make any outdoor event delightful despite unexpected downpours, scorching sun or gale-force winds.

Here are a few of the most important factors you need to consider when planning outdoor events:

Choose The Type Of Event And Know Your Objectives

Remember, not every event will work outdoors especially technology and engineering expos or conferences. These types of events should rather be held at a convention center. When planning your outdoor event, it is essential that you consider the primary functions and objectives. Knowing your event objectives will help identify a suitable location, the type of décor and what other amenities may be required. Even if you can’t meet just one or two requirements, do not plan an outside event.

Find A Suitable Venue Within Budget

If you’re absolutely certain that you can host your event outside, it’s time to look at a suitable venue. There are many outdoor areas you could use including parks, outdoor concert halls, sport facilities, picnic areas, patios, rooftop decks, among others. Once again, it all comes down to event objectives along with your budget. In addition to these options, you might find that renting or buying a Bedouin-styled stretch tent could be your saving grace.

There often are noticeable cost variations when booking your location and support services separately versus finding an all-inclusive venue. Don’t settle for the first venue you find; do some research and explore your options to maximise cost efficiencies while still achieving the same result. Most importantly, as soon as the venue has been finalised, obtain the proper permits before you do anything else. Without the necessary permits, your event could easily be shut down.

Event Structures, Facilities and Amenities

When planning outdoor events, always have a back-up plan. Nobody controls the weather or the reactions of guests’ exposure to sun, wind or pollen for that matter. Set up your “rainy day” strategy well ahead of time so you can plan and budget accordingly. While some venues offer outdoor facilities and indoor alternatives in the event of bad weather, it is not always that simple. How difficult will it be to move your event inside and will there be enough shelter to provide sufficient cover for everyone?

You could consider setting up stretch tents in windy or wet conditions pay an unexpected visit. While tents provide a fantastic solution, enclosed tents will need ventilation fans to keep things fresh on the inside, especially in summer. Consider colder climates as you may need safe-to-operate indoor gas heaters to keep guests warm and cozy.

Some outdoor spaces also need solid flooring and carpeting, particularly if the event will host guests wearing high-heeled shoes. It may seem obvious but remember to set up the tent on a raised location if precipitation is on the cards. This way the water will run away from, and not into, the tent.

Choose A Menu That Compliments The Theme

No matter the type of event, people tend to gather around food and drink. If you want people to socialise easier, finger foods could be the best option. For a more formal event you should consider creating an elegant dinner setting and a three-course meal within a partially enclosed or semi-covered space.

The golden rule for successfully planning outdoor events is being organised and pro-active. Tentickle tents offer a wide range of customisable Bedouin Tents, either for hire or to purchase. These tents are ideal for wedding parties, corporate events, branded promotions among many others.

Please get in touch if you need more information. Our team of experts are ready help you find the perfect solution for the perfect outdoor event.

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