Five Themed Tented Party Ideas

Themed Tented Parties

Themed Tented Parties

There are many wonderful things about stretch Bedouin tents from Tentickle Tents; they are versatile, can be set up anywhere, made to be any shape, come in a variety of colours and sizes, they are waterproof, and protect you from the sun, just to name a few. There is also the fact that they can be themed to suit any party. With a little imagination and creativity you can transform a stretch Bedouin tent into anything your mind can think of.

There are a few favourite themes that really lend themselves to these tents however, and we thought we’d put together a few ideas for each theme.

1) A land far far away

Whether you call it a Bedouin party, Moroccan themed or Arabian Nights the imagery conjured up is of a place far away, in a desert on the edge of an oasis. Bright colours, rich textures, exotic scents, hubbly bubblys, a genie in a lamp, gold treasure, floor seating, middle eastern cuisine, Berber music; Tentickle stretch tents are perfectly suited for a Moroccan themed party. The tents are based on the premise of Bedouin tents, and so lend themselves perfectly to this theme. Get carried away to a land where the desert song sings sweetly.

2) The circus is in town

What better way to celebrate than a circus party. This theme is perfect for kids and adults alike, and is perfectly suited for a Tentickle stretch tent. Our expert team will set up your tent so that it resembles the big top, and because of the huge range of colours and sizes available we will be able to create an authentic circus experience. There are so many creative ways to decorate for this theme – bright stripes, flashing lights and there is no end to the characters available for fancy dress, from the ringmaster to the circus clown, not to mention the lion tamer, the lion, acrobats and trapeze artists. A circus party is a three ringed circus you will want to be part of.

3) You’re in the army now

This theme is particularly popular with boys. Tentickle stretch tents can be set up to replicate base camp, and from here you can launch various games in the guise of missions to keep the kids occupied. We can set up a mess tent for refreshments, and because of the range of colours available we can do it in such a way that it feels like an army camp. With the right décor we can replicate a jungle camp, the little soldiers can be in the desert or perhaps they have just landed on the beach. We can set up anywhere your troops want to land.

4) Carnival

This theme is a more adult one – where the circus has dancing dogs and lions that jump through rings of fire, the carnival has bearded ladies, the strong man, fortune tellers and all manner of other strange, weird and wonderful characters. A carnival party is a great theme as the characters are so over the top that your guests will arrive in character and that’s where the fun begins. But it is important to set the scene, and what better way to do this than with a Tentickle stretch tent, accessorised with alluring lighting, game booths, fortune teller stalls with crystal balls, freaks and frights.

5) The Great Outdoors

Kids love to camp. They love the adventure and the excitement. Well, what better way to give this to them without any risk of injury or running off than to set up a big tent in the garden and throw a camping party. They can play beneath the stars, have an adventure in the “wild” and then retire under the safety of the stretch tent for the night. Camping parties combine the fun of camping with the excitement of a sleepover. Contact us now for advice about stretch tent hire for your themed tented party.

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