Tentickle at AfrikaBurn

Existing for only a short time each year Tankwa Town is a vibrant and noisy gathering of art, music and self expression. Welcome to AfrikaBurn, one of South Africa’s most famous festivals.

Death Truck at AfrikaBurn

AfrikaBurn is the largest regional burn outside of the US and follows in the footsteps of the Burning Man Festival that is held in the Nevada desert. It follows the same key tenants: Radical Inclusion, Decommodification, Radical Self-reliance, Radical Self-expression, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Leaving No Trace, Immediacy and Gifting.

AfrikaBurn is not just an amazing art and music festival, it is test of self reliance and endurance through the scorchingly hot days and the freezing nights while still being a bucket load of fun at the same time. Since the festival lasts seven days, the principle of self reliance means that you need to take everything that you’ll need with you right down to the very last drop of water. There are no shops, food stalls or anything to buy there as everything revolves around bartering and gifting. The festival is famous for its artworks which range from static wooden pieces to mechanical pieces like a giant robotic dinosaur. All the artworks are positioned on the “Playa” which is the centre of the event’s clock like lay out. Another major visual feast are the art cars which range from small one-man vehicles to giant sailing boats on wheels. These crazy cars cruise around the Playa offering lifts to festival goers and very often have great sound systems beating out heavy bass tunes for the happy hippies.

Tent bike from AfrikaBurn

While the festival is seven days long, the highlight is on the Saturday night when most of the art pieces are burnt including the ‘San Clan’ which is the largest art piece on the Playa and also represents the festival’s logo.    Tentickle has been a part of the AfrikaBurn festival since the first event back in 2007 when we provided tents for the event. We continuously provide support and help for the “Camp Anvil” themed camp and are often there with our own large camping area for our families. AfrikaBurn is growing every year and this year’s event promises to be the biggest event yet! Get your tickets before they are all gone!

Tentickle Tent at AfrikaBurn

Tentickle wishes all this years’ participants an awesome burn! We’ll definitely be there, so pop in and say hi!

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