Tentaccion Pitches World First at San Telmo Museum

Tentickle Stretch Tents has always been at the leading edge: We brought the world the first 3-ply organic stretch fibre tents and now are proud to announce that Tentaccion, our supplier in Spain, was the first stretch tent company to be allowed to pitch a tent inside the famous Spanish San Telmo Museum.

Tentaccion Pitches World First at San Telmo Museum

The event, for the exclusive and stylish watch brand Jaeger LeCoultre, was held in the interior of the XVI century cloister.

The museum was founded in 1900 the Bascongada Friends of the Country Economic Society. Despite initial funding problems, the small museum thrived thanks to the support and donations from the people of San Sebastian. Today the museum is part of Spain’s thriving cultural heritage and often offers their cloister area to high profile exhibitors such as Jaeger LeCoultre.

Jaeger LeCoultre is one of the world’s finest watchmakers who have been making luxury timepieces for almost two centuries.

A spokesperson from Tentaccion said that they were exceptionally proud to have been part of this event as they were the first stretch tent company to be allowed by the conservation manager of the museum to pitch a stretch tent in the cloister.

Macro Slunder, Managing Director of Tentickle Stretch Tents, said, “We are very proud of Tentaccion’s pitch at the San Telmo Museum. The approval of the conservation manager goes to show just how skilled and reliable our Spanish distributors are. It is also a great example of how our unique stretch tents can be pitched virtually anywhere without damaging the environment.”

For more information about Tentaccion please visit their website or if you would like to know more about Tentickle’s international network of supplies, contact our head office directly.

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