How To Determine Which Size Tent You Need for Your Event

What Tent Size Do You Need for Your Event

What Tent Size Do You Need for Your Event

If you’re in the process of planning a large-scale event or occasion, you might have started to wonder exactly how to go about determining which size tent you’ll need to host the proceedings. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not something you should decide off the cuff. Professional tent rental agents will tell you that there are a fair amount of calculations that go into their own recommendations in this regard.

Fortunately, the Tentickle team has lots of experience in determining ideal tent rental sizes, so we thought we’d share a little insider insight into how we do things at Tentickle HQ:

Estimate Guest Numbers

Unlike weddings and invite-only parties, events like farmer’s markets, music festivals and other occasions where guests can pull in at any time can be a little hard to plan for tent-wise. If this is a recurring event, refer back to the numbers of previous years to use as the base of your hard projections if you were involved previously. Alternatively, get in touch with vendors who were, and might be able to give you an idea of how many customers/guests they served. Ideally you’d like to speak to the tent vendor who supplied the event before, but that won’t always be possible. If this is a brand-new event, allow for a comfortable margin of error, and err on the side of a larger crowd – it is always better to have too much space rather than too little. No-one likes to be crowded.

Estimate User Concentration

Your user concentration refers to how many guests will be using the tented space at any given time. If your event has a long time span and/or different spaces that guests can visit, this can be harder to gauge. Use your peak traffic estimates based on the number of guests and availability of the alternative venues to inform your choice about the size of the tent for your event.

Factor in Unexpected Weather Conditions

Regardless of the season, you have to factor in unexpected weather conditions that might impact on your user concentration. In winter, it might rain, and in summer you a heat wave may send guests flocking undercover to escape the elements. As such, it is always wise to adapt your expected concentration according to these variables.

There you have it – our top tips for selecting the size of the tent for your event. Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Feel free to get in touch with a Tentickle representative for some solid advice about tent rentals (and get a quote while you’re at it!). Happy event planning!

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