Tent Colours… One would think this is a simple concept, but the fact is things are a little more complicated than you’d ever suspect. For example, did you know that white or silver-grey tents help to create a more ambient party atmosphere and lend themselves towards better lighting? Many people don’t know this, which is exactly why we’ve created this page to help you identify, choose and then purchase (or even rent) the best possible coloured tent for your needs.

Tent Colours

Why Worry About Tent Colours?

If you are looking for a matchless way to create a covered outdoor wedding, conference, festival, or venue addon backdrops that will make guests and visitors gasp with delight, then look no further than a gorgeous Tentickle Stretch Tent.

Admittedly, the eye catching natural lines of our tents play a large role in providing the stunning good looks people have come to expect from our exceptional tents, but don’t ever discount the tent colours that we use either, because they play an integral part in creating the perfect special event! In fact, events company owners, promotional and advertising agencies, hotel and restaurant owners, as well as wedding coordinators and sports promoters have been taking advantage our or interesting palette of Tent Colours to help create the right ambience for their events for year. And so important has the choosing of the right tent colour become, that we’ve included a “How To” section below to assist you with choosing the right colour tent for any type of event!

How To Choose the Perfect Stretch Tent Colour!

Tent colour is important no matter how you look at it! For example, although two of our most popular colours are Red Stretch Tents and Sand Coloured Stretch tents, there are still numerous other colours that we manufacture our tents in that are simply perfect when looking to host a specific event. But before we get into “how’s and why’s”, let’s take a look at the colours we have available for you to choose from:

Fabric type *TentFlex FR (T4001) *TentFlex FR (T4002) *TentFlex FR (T4003) **Organic Stretch (T3003) Organic Stretch Lightweight non-FR (T3004) Durastretch Lightweight FR (T3008)
Colours white UV block out, white translucent, platinum (grey), chino (sand), red, taube, outside white inside grey white UV block out, white translucent, platinum (grey), chino (sand), red, taube beige, white UV block out Wide range of colours white, silver grey, beige, white, silver grey, beige, red, black

So which colour is correct for you? This is where things get a little more complicated, as it is not as simple as a white tent is always right, and in our opinion you need to keep in mind what you’re going to be using the tent for. So here is a little guide we’ve set up to assist you with your tent colour choices.

Advertising Agencies and Promotions Companies: These are our customers who tend to take advantage of our entire tent colour palette, as each and every product that they promote needs to stand out from the pack. Red tents, pink tents and black tents are exceptionally popular with them however, as they are often seen as statement tenants – and even more so once you add branding!

Wedding Coordination Companies: As would be expected this is where our more classic tent colours come into play, including the ever popular platinum grey tents and the ethereal beauty of our white translucent tents. This is because these neutral colours lend themselves to the creation of a tranquil setting that is perfect for the innocence and spectacle that is a wedding. We’d like to add here that we also get a fair few requests for red tents at weddings as well, because red is the colour of both love and unbridled passion – both of which play a big part in many people’s special day as well!

Restaurants and Hotels: Our tents are a cost effective way of creating more floor space in a restaurant or hotel, and usually the tents are set up on a semi permanent basis and need offer a durable colour option. This is when beige, chino and black tents tend to be more popular, but we also get regular requests for white UV block out tents – which are perfect for hotter countries and areas!

Glamping and Luxury Hotel Tents: Beige, chino and taupe are the three colours that reign supreme here, because not are they only exceptionally durable, but they also tend to blend into the natural environment in which they are being used. This tends to help create an even more natural look to the camping environment, and further enhancing the Glamping effect of the luxury hotel tent – which exactly what upmarket camping guests want from a tent!

If you would like to know more about our various stretch tent fabrics, and in what colours that are available in, then please visit our Stretch Tent Fabric page. On this page you’ll find both technical breakdowns of each individual tent fabric type, but also learn more about how we manufacture such unique Stretch tent Fabric.

Hire or Purchase a Specific Coloured Tent?

Ultimately the choice of whether to hire or purchase a tent is up to you and your business’s needs. It must be noted that we can only rent out the specific tents that we have available at the time you wish to rent a stretch tent, so there might be a small chance that the colour tent you are looking for is not available at that time. Contact us right now however, and we’ll try our best to accommodate you in any way we can. If you would like to purchase a stretch tent from us, then we would be able to manufacture a specific tent for you in a specific colour, unless of course we already have a new tent in the color you need in stock.

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