Tent branding provides a powerful combination of outdoor protection and high profile brand exposure. You can purchase your own Bedouin-inspired stretch tent or canopy and choose from a range of exclusive tent branding options. This means that we can give you exact theme and colour matching that will support your brand, no matter where you pitch your Tentickle tent.

How Do I Get My Tent Branded?

The first step in specifying your branded tent is to tell us about your requirements. As different printing methods react differently with the range of fabrics and coatings we’ll advise you on the right method your requirements and provide tent branding that will endure over time.

Printing Methods for Tent Branding

Digital full-colour printing is possible on all our 3-ply products with a guarantee that just about all brand images such as company logos, pictures and product branding can be applied over large surfaces. Digital print technology also offers a cleaner finish and leaves no heat signature on the fabric after the printing process.

By comparison, traditional screen printing is only effective for small areas and doesn’t work nearly as well as the digital method for large surfaces or multi-coloured prints. We, however, have now solved this problem and can offer tent branding on unlimited panels. Simply speak to our tent experts.

Please Note! Printing can be applied to one side of the tent fabric only, so it’s important to decide whether the interior or exterior of your tent offers the best branding opportunities for you.

Stretch Tent Branding Across Seams

A traditional problem in the tent industry has been the difficulty in carrying large prints across seams in tent fabric. We however have now solved this problem and can offer tent branding on unlimited panels up to a maximum length of 12m.

Base Fabric Colours For Tent Branding

When specifying the theme of your tent branding, the mixing of colours for the base fabrics and the colours of the print must be taken into consideration.

For printing to look as natural as possible, the base tent colour should be White or Cream. If the tent branding consists of large areas of white we will use a slightly different approach, as digital printing does not currently use white ink. Where branding is White the entire tent is printed in the background colour, with the logo or wording standing out in White and the inside of the tent remaining White or Cream.

Alternatively, darker print colours can be applied easily to lighter tent colours. For example, we have branded our own promotional tents with Black and Red onto Orange (12m x 9m) and Yellow (6m x 7.5m) with a large Tentickle logo and company details covering the surface very easily.

Tent Branding Prices

Each tent branding requirement is quoted for individually as pricing is related to the size, complexity and number of colours of the print. Although the pricing of the process can be complex, we ensure that all tent branding results will last.

If you’d like more expert advice and pricing details on printing your tent, just contact us to discuss your tent branding requirements.

Important Tent Branding Price Note! As almost all printing is applied to our standard 3-ply fabric we have based the information on this page on this product. If you are considering a specialised or different Tentickle fabric please be sure to tell us when specifying your tent branding requirements.

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