Team Talk: Boom Festival in Portugal

Boom Festival in Portugal is one of the oldest and most famous Trance festivals in the world.

Taking place every second year and running for 11 days in the middle of Southern Europe’s summer, temperatures can reach a sweltering 50 degrees Celsius and is a true test of a festival punter’s stamina. We were commissioned by the Boom Team to manufacturer tents for 3 of the party areas at the Boom festival in 2010 and flew over to setup up the tents while training the boom crew at the same time. We also monitored the tents over the entire festival period.

boom-festival-tents (2)

3 Amazing Tents, 1 Massive Party

The Ambient Paradise tent which covered the chill space area was a massive hexagon with a 40m diameter. The Main dance floor, “The Dance Temple” had a massive shade structure and the Tentickle stage tent connected onto this structure to provide a waterproof cover for the main stage. A small hexagon tent was set up for a 6 point sound system that took people on a musical journey. All of the tents where hexagon shapes with the largest hexagon for The Ambient Paradise being made up of 7 tents joined to make the massive hexagon.

Arriving in the middle of Portugal’s summer from a freezing cold Cape Town winter was an adjustment from 10 degrees to 45 degrees in a day, but the tents needed to be set up and that we did in record time. Luckily we were also able to escaping the worst of the heat by running into air conditioned containers that were in the set up area every 30 minutes.


The Entire Tentickle Boom Festival Set Up

The setup took about 1 week and then it was festival time! The 25 000 attendees, some of whom had been camping for days outside the entrance started to pour in. Music pumped from the various dance floors while performances and performance art works were experienced all over the massive 4 square kilometre festival area.

The festival ran smoothly with only one day of strong winds which resulted in the tent ropes needing to be retensioned. The crew from Boom were fantastic and all the people involved were wonderful, many great friends were made and our tents were thoroughly loved and enjoyed by the European party crowd.

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