Take Great Event Photos with a Stretch Tent

Stretch tents offer elegant lines which make them the perfect backdrop to your event photo. You can also use them to cast interesting shadows or lead the viewer’s eye to the subject of your photo. Here are our top photography tips on taking great event photos with a stretch tent.

Stretch Tent Backdrop

Stretch tents provide the ideal backdrop and can serve to emphasize your subject better

Get your composition right

Start by setting your camera at the highest resolution you can. You don’t want to take low quality photos especially at key moments in a wedding! Now work on your composition, taking your time to get it right. Simple compositions are often the most effective. Stretch tents provide the perfect focal point for a ‘before’ photo of an event, and their elegant lines work well to lead the viewer’s eye to the subject.

Try different things

Experiment with different angles to see what works best because the right angle can make a photo more effective, allowing you to emphasise unique attributes in your photograph. Try both vertical and horizontal shots, or scoot down to angle the lense up for a dramatic shot.

Stretch Tent Decor

Stretch tents can give a feeling of depth in your photo and cast interesting shadows

After composition and subject, the right use of light is extremely important for a good photograph. Tents cast intriguing shadows which you can incorporate into your photo.

Stretch Tent Forest

Stretch tents can both contrast and blend with the surrounds to creating interesting colours and textures

Get to know the camera’s settings

Modern digital cameras offer very advanced automatic and semi-automatic modes allowing you to take excellent digital photos on the manual settings. However, it helps to understand the basic principles in case you are struggling to get the best exposure and want to have more control over the picture. You can read up more on settings here.


Post-processing is an important and fun step in creating good quality digital photos that shouldn’t be skipped. It allows you to make edits and add interesting effects with filters, overlays and effects. GIMP and PhotoScape are two of the many free post-processing programmes available to use.

Make your stretch tent really work for you at your event by using it for beautiful and effective photographs.

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