If there is one thing that can dial up the style of an outdoor event, it’s a stunning tent. Whether you are gathering your friends for a nuptial feast on the Gold Coast of Australia, hosting a sporting event in London, or throwing an epic shindig in Cape Town, an elegant, weatherproof space that allows your guests to move freely between a covered environment and the open air makes all the difference. Tentickle offers a range of elegant event and wedding marquees that follow the world’s foremost design cues. Our designers are renowned for their ability to tailor exquisite silhouettes that can be customised and adapted to suit almost any occasion.

Choose Contemporary Tents That Set the Stage for Elegance

If you’ve ever been at the helm of organising a wedding, corporate function or any event that called for an elegant execution, you’ll know that you cannot fabricate ambience. A pervasive feeling of elegance is almost always the result of a multitude of small measure that is taken to ensure that each guest enjoys a seamless experience from start to finish. Your event space plays a major role in this equation. The temperature and lighting have to be just right, and there should be plenty of space for guests to feel at ease, but not so much that they feel lost. When you choose a Tentickle tent, it becomes so much easier to tailor the space to your exact requirements – you can select the perfect size, choose mood lighting, open and close side walls and add heaters or fans to find that climatic sweet spot.

What Are The Makings Of A Stunning Tent?

What constitutes a stunning contemporary tent lies in the eye of the beholder, but over the years we have learned that there are certain common denominators that underpin the design of a universally elegant tent. Firstly, it needs clean lines that serve as a blank canvas to suit a variety of events, and secondly it has to add to the environment in which it is placed, without distracting from any structural elements that are already in place. Tentickle tents have all been designed with these principles in mind.

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