Stunning Stretch Tent Wedding for Chris and Carine in Portnoo Co Donegal

It is every bridal couple’s worst nightmare: wind on the wedding day! Except Chris and Carine were prepared for the rugged and windy Irish coastline and we were able to create a unique and wind-free wedding thanks to their stretch tent from Tentickle Ireland.

Ireland is a beautiful country, rolling green hills, blue open skies (when we are lucky) and plenty of charming coastline. While our coasts might have a beauty that would drive a poet to tears, they can also be rugged and exceptionally windy and wet. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a perfect and picturesque wedding near the beach! Just ask Chris and Carine!

For their wedding, we pitched a crisp white 10 x 15m stretch tent on the lawn next to the Reception House. The lawn is situated in a space surrounded by hewn rock face, limiting conventional tent or marquee options. However, thanks to a system of pegs and holding plates, we were able to create a stunning and virtually wind-free venue with a breathtaking view of Donegal.

Underneath the tent our clients went all out and created an intimate and graceful atmosphere that quickly turned into a great party as the night came. We were thrilled to work with Chris and Carine and wish them the very best in their lives together!

Photo credits to: Moat Hill Photography

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