“Since the beginning it was my dream that Tentickle Tents will be the best Stretch Tent manufacturer in the world…”
Marco Slunder
Managing Director Tentickle Bedouin Tents & Canopies

Tentickle is one of the most trusted Stretch Tent Manufacturers in the world and we are always proud to deliver only the best quality stretch tents to our international clients through our global distribution network.

Unlike most other stretch tent manufacturing companies, our dedicated staff are involved in every step of the stretch tent development and production process, from the design through to the creation to the final stitching, and because our design team is located within our manufacturing complex they are completely involved in the process of turning your visions into reality.

Made in Africa, Used Around the World

While our manufacturing plant is in Cape Town, the vibrant heart of South Africa, Tentickle Commercial Tent Manufacturers distributes our quality Stretch Tents and Stretch Décor to over 20 countries around the globe!

We are also heavily involved in improving the lives of South Africans, which is why our company has a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Certification rating of 125%. We also feel that everybody in our company is essential to our success, from our designers to our stitches to our pitching crews and it is only because of their support and involvement in the company that we have achieved the great things that we have done.

Our Stretch Tent Fabrics

We have developed our own unique stretch fabric that is used in the creation of our unique Stretch Tents and Décor. This unique three ply fabric is waterproof, fire retardant and offers UV protection. This fabric was developed by us, in conjunction with scientists at top European and South African Universities, and provides us with one of the most durable, stretchable and versatile tent fabrics in the world.

We continually strive to be at the forefront of the Stretch Tent manufacturing market and have been seen as an industry leader since the first of our Stretch Tents rolled off our manufacturing line almost a decade ago.

100% Quality Guaranteed

Our team of Stretch Tent designers, engineers, fabricators & assembly managers are counted as some of the best in the world and always deliver innovative projects that are tailor made to meet each individual clients needs no matter where in the world they are.

We also put the our fabrics through a rigorous testing process that lasts 36 hours and involves over 25 different tests to ensure that the seams, joins and fabric is in perfect condition for your event.

We guarantee that all of the fabrics that we use in the manufacturing process are made from the highest quality raw materials.

To further add to the longevity of our tents, all semi-permanent structures constructed with our Tentflex fabric has reinforced stitching on the outer roofing utilising a PTFE thread with a 25 year lifetime guarantee.

To see some of the Stretch Tents that we have manufactured for use around the world please go to our Stretch Tents Gallery or download one of our Stretch Tents Brochures to the right of this page. Alternatively you can contact us using the form above or on the numbers provided at the bottom of this page to discuss a Custom Stretch Tent solution for your next event.

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You can find your nearest International Tentickle Stretch Tent Distributer on our international distributors page.

To contact our head office or our manufacturing plant please email, call or fax us on:

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