How Investing In A Stretch Tent Can Boost Your Business

Here's How You Can Boost Your Business with a Stretch Tent

Here’s How You Can Boost Your Business with a Stretch Tent

Are you ready to skyrocket your hospitality business to the next level, but need some more room (or a novel approach) to make it happen? In the current economic climate, the last thing you want to do is to overextend yourself or cause costly downtime at your restaurant, entertainment venue or event destination with expensive, permanent construction. Fortunately, that is no longer your only option.

Cue: The sturdy, weatherproof, adaptable, and beautifully designed stretch tent. You’ve got to love living in an era of technological development such as ours! With the tents available to us today, the sky’s the limit in terms of building out existing hospitality offerings. Here are a few ways in which you can adapt your current premises with a stretch tent to generate more revenue and remain nimble in the face of a changeable trend landscape:

Make The Circle Bigger

These days, you don’t need a huge space to run a successful restaurant, pub or on-the-go eatery. All you need a good idea, a stellar product and a workable destination that you can tailor according to the needs of your target demographic. In urban spheres, this often means taking advantage of unlikely nooks and crannies to bring your wonderful new offering to market. In cases like these, a stretch tent can make all the difference in the height of summer, when your customers want some shade, or the depths of winter when rain is pelting down, but they crave your goods nonetheless. Make the most of what you’ve got with innovative spatial solutions that are as adaptable as you.

Broaden Your Horizons

Keen to target a brand new demographic? How about moving out of your brick-and-mortar space once or twice a week to take part in weekend markets or pop-up events? Music festivals, foodie gatherings and sports occasions are a fertile marketing ground for food, beverages and demographic-specific products. Do your homework, find your crowd and use a stretch tent to create an attractive space where they can sample your product or service in their natural habitat.

Challenge The Status Quo

Sometimes all you need to generate renewed interest in your business is a unique selling point. You could, for instance, entice diners or customers with a shaded parking lot, covered play area for children or a pet-friendly space where peeps-with-pets can feel free to bring along their furry friends. This is all possible with the help of a stretch tent.

These are just a few of the ways in which investing in a stretch tent can boost your business in 2018. For more information on cutting-edge tent solutions that have been designed with the challenging South African climate in mind, feel free to get in touch with a Tentickle representative. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide expert insight into cost-effective options for your restaurant, entertainment venue or event destination.

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