One of the best features of Tentickle Stretch Tents is their versatility of design and decoration. Rather than needing a variety of tents for specific atmospheres or themes, transforming your tentickle tent from wedding venue to a trance party can be as simple as changing lighting themes or adding stretch décor.

Tent Décor and Lighting

Stretch tent décor can be used to enhance the visual effects created by stretch tents at a function and are often used by our clients to bring a corporate, wedding, staged or special events to life. Stretch fabric decorations are not only used to compliment functions held in stretch tents, but are also used around the world to decorate Marquee tents, outdoor venues, international convention centres, shopping malls, stages, DJ Booths, roadsides and night clubs.

The versatility of stretch tents is immediately apparent when you apply different lighting schemes. Lighting is always a very important aspect of a special event, especially if the event is held at night. This is because lighting is used not only to increase visibility, but the use of intelligent lighting will enhance the entire special event experience.Go from a simple and elegant white wedding tent to a funky and festive feel with the flick of a light switch. But your transformation is not limited to lighting – with tentickle tents fire retardant fabrics, it is safe to have candles and indoor heaters to ensure that not only is your event romantic, but also warm no matter what the weather is like.

Corporate Events:

Tentickle Stretch Tents can create an immediate aura of class and sophistication to your corporate event with the use of striking colors or classic and elegant white stretch tents. For clients who make frequent use of stretch tents for their events, we suggest purchasing unique branded tents.

Wedding Tents:

Stretch tents are quickly becoming the doit avoir or ‘must haves’ for weddings because of their elegance and beauty. Using simple white décor, your wedding will be unforgettable.

Once the ceremony is over, transform your wedding venue from romantic and intimate into a hot dance floor by simply using different lighting schemes.

Staged Events and décor:

Tentickle stretch tents are a must have for the staged event and festival industry. Use a range of different tents or décor to create focal points, layers and eye-catching features for your event.

Mix and match lighting effects to ensure that once the sun goes down, your event is a wonderland of light and fun.

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