Tentickle is constantly innovating with the versatility of their stretch tents by adding new accessories to their product line. Our broad range of accessories ensures that pitching the stretch tents and achieving exceptional set ups is made easier and safer.

Choose a Tent Accessory to Maximise your Eventing Potential

We can advise you on the best stretch tent accessories to enable you to pitch your tents in all terrains and for all eventing requirements. Feel free to contact our sales team for additional information or browse through the options below.

Metal Pole Grips

Metal pole grips for extra grip and power help small crews move large tight poles into position.

Metal Pole Stands

Metal pole stands with sandbag weights to hold centre poles in position during strong winds and storms. Recommended as an additional safety feature when rigging large structures.

Swivel Feet

Provides 360 degree rotation and a solid base for entrance poles. Very useful when positioning poles are far away from the tent edge and allow you to use less poles for more effective stage set ups for example.

Wooden Poles

Our wooden poles are carefully selected and treated for optimum use with our stretch tents. No one disputes that if you want to create a rustic warm, cosy atmosphere, wooden poles are the way to go.

Mushroom Heads for Wooden Poles

Rubber mushroom heads specifically made for our wooden poles. Available in large and medium.

Carabiner Snap Hooks

Available as galvanised or stainless steel in various sizes: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. Snap hooks allow easy quick rigging and work well with our tents. They also prolong the life of the loops and tension ropes.

Braided Polyester Ropes

Marine quality high tension braided polyester ropes. Available in 5mm, 7mmm and 13mm thickness. Breaking points: 7mm – 900 kg; 13mm – 3 tons.

Aluminum Poles

Aluminium poles are available in various lengths starting from 1m up to 6m. Diameters available are 50mm, 63mm and 76 mm. We offer anodised as well as non-anodised poles with either a thin wall (1.6 mm) or a thick wall (3.2 mm).

Rubber Mushroom Heads for Aluminum Poles

Our specially designed anti-slip moulded rubber mushroom heads were created to maximise the lifetime of your tent fabrics. Available in medium to fit 50mm and 63mm poles and large to fit 63mm and 76mm poles.

Rubber Toe Caps

Specially moulded rubber toe caps to protect pole bottoms, delicate floor surfaces and to stop poles from slipping. Available in 50mm, 63mm and 76mm.

Galvanised Metal Pole Top Caps

Custom designed removable galvanised metal pole toe caps to fit onto metal or wooden poles to create a solid stylish anchor.

Material Peg Covers

Padded material peg covers work well to protect guests from accidental injury on the iron pegs. Available in various colours to match your tent.

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps used to put over the tents to secure and stabilise the tents in strong winds. Available in 9m and 18m lengths with a ratchet mechanism.

Ratchet Straps Covers

The sleeve protects the tent and strap by cushioning the strap and preventing damage caused by chafing – especially in windy or stormy conditions. Without the storm-protection cover, a standard ratchet strap made from polyester will damage the tent in harsh conditions. These ratchet strap covers are made in various colours to match your tent and provide a smarter appearance.

PVC Tent Bag

PVC tent bags available in various colours and sizes.

Protective Transport Bag

Used when shipping our tents to protect them against damage in transit.

Centre Pole Jack

With our centre pole jack, one person can raise the height of the centre pole an extra 1.8m.

Gutter System

Our specially designed gutter system allows tents to be joined together with a waterproof join. Gutters are available in various sizes and colours to suit your bedouin tent needs.

Vinyl Sandbag Weight Holders

Our vinyl sandbag weight holders are manufactured to hold sandbag weights to create a solid anchor for setting up where it is not possible to use a peg. Available in various colours.

Aluminium Pole Socks

Pole socks available in all colours to add a decorative effect or match poles to the tent colour.

Metal Tent Pegs

Metal tent pegs with tension rope hook. Available in the following sizes: 1m x 25mm; 80cm x 25mm; 50cm x 25mm; 40cm x 12mm.

Rubber Peg Tops

Protective rubber peg tops help protect guests from sharp peg edges. Available in black and white, small and large.

Full Accessories Kit for 15m x 12m

This accessories kit consists of 5 tent pole bags, 3 pole connector bags, 3 mushroom head bags, and 1 bag for pole tops and bottoms.

Included items are sufficient to pitch a 15m x 12m Tentickle Stretch Tent. The longest pole bag is 1.5m making air freight cheaper and easier as there is no long length surcharge. The entire kit can fit into a small vehicle.

Closed Tent Pole Bag

Easily transportable tent pole bag with handle and shoulder strap.

50mm Pole Bag

This pole bag holds 8 x 1.5m (50mm diameter) aluminum poles. It rolls up easily for transport.

63mm Pole Bag

This pole bag holds 6 x 1.5m (63 diameter) aluminum poles. It rolls up easily for transport.

76mm Pole Bag

This pole bag holds 3 x 1.5 and 1 x 1m (76mm diameter) aluminum segment poles. It rolls up easily for transport.

Aluminum Pole Connectors

Precision-machined aluminum pole connectors, available in sizes to fit 50mm, 63mm and 76 diameter poles.

Pole Connector Bags

Pole connector bags for safe storage and easy transport. Each bag contains either 6 or 8 connectors (depending on size).

Pole Connector Bag 63mm & 76mm

Pole connector bag which fits 6 connectors. Available for 63mm and 76mm connectors.

Pole Connector Bag 50mm

Pole connector bag for 50mm pole connectors which fits 8 connectors.

Pole Tops and Bottoms Bag

Handy kit bag for storage of all your small loose accessories such as pole top and bottom caps.

Large Mushroom Heads Bag

Mushroom head bag which holds 2 large mushroom heads (76mm diameter) for safe /clean storage and easy transport.

Medium Mushroom Heads Bag

Mushroom head bag which holds 5 medium mushroom heads (50mm or 63mm diameter) for safe /clean storage and easy transport.

Aluminum Wall Profile and Rope Feature

The aluminium wall profile is used to fix the tent side to a building, wall or beam to provide a waterproof join with no gaps. The rope feature is added to the side of the tent to fix the tent to the aluminum wall profile.


We also offer a choice of water resistant and fire retardant stretch tent fabrics. Please contact our team for more information on any of the accessories listed on this page.

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