Special Event Planning in South Africa with Tentickle Tents

Special Event Planning With Tentickle Tents

Planning a Special Event? Tentickle’s Got You Covered

Event planning has been known to challenge even the best of people. Depending on the type of event, stress levels can go through the roof but it gets easier with Tentickle Tents. We have years of experience in private and corporate event planning so we understand the pressure and planning associated with organising a special event or function.

Over the years Tentickle tents have worked with some of the best event planners in the world and as such, we’ve compiled these event planning tips and tricks just for you.

Tips For Planning A Wedding

There’s no denying that planning a wedding is quite possibly one of the toughest challenges for event planners. It requires meticulous detail, extensive research, nerves of steel and some luck from the gods for good weather.

Once the engagement party is over, the real planning begins. We’re not just talking about finding the perfect wedding dress and suit or tuxedo, other small details are often overlooked. Here are some important questions you need to ask yourself before you start:

  • How big or intimate do you want your wedding to be?
  • Is it a day or evening ceremony?
  • Will the reception be indoors or outside?
  • Does the venue provide on-site catering and décor for inside or outside events?
  • Are the guests local or will some be from out of town?
  • Is there sufficient accommodation for the guests at the venue or at least nearby?
  • Where will the happy couple stay the night before?
  • If the church is separate from the venue, how will guests get there?

As much as we plan, the weather remains an unpredictable factor regardless of season. If you’re planning a summer wedding in Cape Town, a strong south-easter could very well ruin everything. It’s not any easier in Kwazulu-Natal and the greater Gauteng region with intermittent thundershowers.

If you really want an outside wedding even with all the risks involved, consider a beautifully decorated wedding tent.It provides you with incredible peace of mind and alternative options even if the weather doesn’t play along. Better yet, you get the best of both worlds; an indoor and outdoor wedding.

Planning Corporate Events, Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Among others, one of the most important elements of an exhibition or trade show is the location. The aim of these events is to highlight products, artefacts or artwork and displaying these correctly is essential. The area needs to be big enough to display each item individually without too many distractions from other pieces in close proximity.

Foot traffic is always important regardless of what you are promoting, selling or displaying. People flock to busy areas with a pleasant ambiance and teaming with like-minded individuals for socialising and networking. If you offer snacks and beverages, make sure you have a separate space for seating and a few cocktail tables. Don’t disrupt the flow of people or visually obstruct your goods with hordes of people standing and talking in front of your displays.

For big expos, you’ll need even more space for all the exhibitor stands, their products and large branded banners. We recommend drawing up a floor plan to avoid cramping the area or leaving too much open space. It’s all about fully optimising and maximising the available space including identifying ‘hotspots’ where traffic could get congested. This is often referred to as bottlenecking and can be avoided using branding to block certain areas.

Big expos ideally need a quiet rest area away from the main exhibition. This space will be much quieter in terms of noise and congestion while avoiding all the food smells. People often gather here to discuss business or simply to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Tentickle Tents and Sporting Events

Planning or hosting an sporting event can be loads of fun but always requires forward thinking and a detailed plan leading up to it. Smaller events at schools or clubs generally have their own venue but if you’re planning a bigger event, there is much more at stake. Never try to implement a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach as this often only leads to complaints and disappointment.

First and foremost, many sporting events are held outside which means weather will always play a role. Some teams may have very specific accommodation, dietary or training requirements which means you need to be prepared. In some cases, renting one big tent for the entire event is sufficient while other events require multiple areas (or venues). Here, opting for a few smaller Tentickle tents is the best solution and remember, our stretch tents are customisable.

The other factor that impacts successful event planning is suppliers not delivering. With this mind, be sure to check every last detail with all of your suppliers ahead of the event. In addition to managing suppliers, make sure you have enough staff on hand to help with parking, catering and other event duties.

The golden rule to event planning is having a plan-B especially in terms of weather conditions. Tentickle tents have a wide selection of customisable Bedouin Tents, either for hire or to purchase. These tents are ideal for wedding parties, corporate events, branded promotions among many others.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need more information from our team of experts.

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