Shopping around for an affordable, durable school marquee that will hold up under the pressure of scholastic requirements? You’ve come to exactly the right place! Tentickle offers a range of stretch tent solutions that can be adapted to the needs of your school or college. Purchasing a school tent is one of those sticky overhead expenses that can be difficult to get approval for from a board of directors, but we’ve got a list of benefits that will make it a whole lot easier.

School Tents That Work For You

The benefits of investing in a school marquee from Tentickle include the following:

  • Multi-functionality. Our stretch tents have been developed to be used for countless applications. It can be used for everything from shade solutions for sporting events, to glamorous fundraising initiatives, break time cover when it’s very hot (or very rainy), and even weekend occasions like outdoor markets, etc.
  • Brandability. When you invest in a school tent, you can have it branded with your school’s insignia, which will provide static marketing opportunities whenever you pitch it somewhere. By keeping your school top of mind you will be able to drive enrolment numbers, even outside of your immediate district.
  • Ease of use. Tentickle tents have been developed with the express purpose of being simple to strike, rig and repair on site in case of any complications. When you purchase a Tentickle school marquee, a team of expert riggers will be sent to teach you how to handle and store your marquee to ensure its structural longevity.

Please note: We do offer school tents for hire as well, so feel free to inquire if you would like to learn more about our rental rates.

Choose College Tents That Last

A college tent is one of those evergreen purchases that have a myriad of applications in the tertiary education sphere. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor graduation, providing shade for the inevitable queues that form during registration, or setting up to cater for fun runs or other college activities, it pays to have a tent that can hold up under pressure. Our stretch tents were developed and stress-tested in some of the harshest climatic conditions in the world (ever heard of the Cape of Storms along the coast of South Africa?), so you can rest assured that it will hold its own and stay put even if the weather turns a little stormy.

Would you like some more information on our range of school tent solutions? Please feel free to get in touch with our expert team to learn more about our stretch tents. Simply fill in the contact form on this page and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss your requirements and provide an obligation-free quote on the purchase or rental of a school marquee tent.

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