Tentickle Tanzania introduces their innovative Safari Stretch Tents

Tentickle Tanzania launches Bespoke Safari Stretch Tents

Tentickle Tanzania was very proud to launch a brand new product in the Tentickle range not long ago. Having worked in the region for some time now, we saw a need for something different when it comes to safari tents. We worked every closely with our factory in Cape Town to develop a brand new tenting solution, that is geared specifically towards our East African market. We started to realise that there were very specific conditions and requirements here, and wanted to make sure we could provide the ideal stretch safari tent for the conditions, climate, types of businesses and the lifestyle in the area.

What we came up with is innovative, dynamic and very original. The new safari tent design is a hybrid of hi-tech fabric and other materials that have been carefully designed to suit the very demanding wear and tear that occurs as the result of the climate and use. Our newest member of the Tentickle family is ideal for the East African region. It provides the ultimate solution for luxury, spacious tented living in almost any location a 4×4 can get to.

The Ultimate in Glamping and Bush Safaris

Ideal for glamping and bush safaris, it provides protection from bugs, while it’s double roof made of high density shade cloth provides protection not only from the extreme heat of the midday sun but also protects against the harsh African sun by offering UV protection. It also affords longevity to the product due to its hardwearing nature.

With attachable side walls and a fully enclosed floor, our safari tent is made to the highest standards. The tent roof itself is made from our specially designed TentFlex fabric and keeps all the promises our customers have come to expect from us – the best quality tenting solutions.

The Double Roof Offers Great Protection form the African Heat

We took our newest product and launched it at both the Kalifair and the Karibu Travel Market, where it was well received. Designed specifically for the needs of those who live and operate tour businesses in the area, our safari tents can be made to your individual specifications.

They are easy to transport as they are modular and the middle pole is segmented. They also do not require an engineering degree to set up. So, whether you are a camp looking for mobile safari solutions or a seasoned traveller in the area, contact us for more information about our unique Safari Stretch Tent solution.

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