To buy or not to buy, that is the question…..

Should you Rent or Buy a Tentickle Stretch Tent for your Event?

Bedouin stretch tents have become increasingly popular since they first appeared on the scene. What was once a novelty tent solution, mostly seen at obscure festivals and smaller events, is now one of the most popular products on the market.

As one of the pioneering stretch tent suppliers, at Tentickle we know that not all tents are created equal. We have spent years developing our product, training our staff and building the experience and expertise that make us one of the top suppliers of stretch tents and marquees across over 40 countries in the world.

Our customers often ask us what the advantages of owning versus renting a stretch tent are. This is a tricky question and there are pros and cons to both. It is important to understand what your usage will be – what you will be using it for, and how often.

Rent a Tent

Rental is advised for once off occasions. We will assist with size and colour and then come in,set up for your event and then take down once it is over. We can also assist with decor and lighting. So if you are throwing any one of the following, or just want to find out more, contact us for the best rental solution for you:

  • Big birthday bash
  • Wedding – unless you are planning on having several
  • One off event
  • Product launch
  • Corporate event

Buy a Tent

If you are a regular entertainer buying a stretch bedouin tent is not the craziest idea. Think about all the family gatherings, birthdays and christmases…. Because we manufacture our own product we can make our bedouin tents up to your specifications – colour , size and shape. The also pack up to take up relatively little space, and with our expertly put together manual setting up and taking down is easy too.

Companies that host events throughout the year are also often in the market to buy our stretch tent – we can brand them and again the tents can be made up in the corporate colours. Event companies and wedding planners might find that to buy a tent makes much more sense than hiring one every time.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy, or just aren’t sure, chat to us and we will give you the right advice for your specific needs. We don’t believe in one solution fits all at Tentickle, we want to give each and every one of our customers the best experience and guidance for them. We go the extra mile to ensure that whatever the occasion, whatever the weather and wherever the set up you get the best service and set up from us.

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