RAMfest 2014

Tentickle at RAMfest

Tentickle at RAMfest

RAMfest has become a South African institution. Already in its 8th year, RAMfest is getting bigger and better every year. But you know that – chances are that you were there this year. What you probably didn’t know is that Tentickle Stretch Tents were behind the great stage tents that Trivium, Killswitch Engage and Biffy Clyro were playing under.

RAMfest Staged Event Tent

The stage tents that were used at RAMfest are some of the most technical tents that are offered by Tentickle. As you can imagine, these tents not only have to keep the bands and DJ’s cool through the day and their equipment dry in the case of rain, but they also need to be fire retardant to keep them from catching fire from the awesome flame throwers.

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