A well-placed patio tent is a thing of beauty – it instantly transforms any outdoor space into a multifaceted destination that can be put to good use come rain or shine. There are many options out there – you get inexpensive, free-standing units that can be purchased from almost any outdoor stores and hardware outlets; branded giveaways from big corporates, mounted umbrellas, and more. Tentickle offers sophisticated, long-lasting stretch tent solutions that can be adapted to any site to provide shade and waterproof cover in even the most challenging climates.

Picture-Perfect Pool Tent Solutions

When you choose a Tentickle tent as a patio marquee, you can rest assured that it will enhance the overall look and feel of your office, restaurant, sports stadium, clubhouse, home, or whichever structure you choose to affix it to. Ideally, a veranda tent should not distract from the established architecture of a given structure. In fact, it should work to enhance it. This is why we took many years to perfect the elegant lines and sophisticated assembly of our tents. When you choose our stretch tents as a shade solution, you can rest assured that it will only serve to beautify your outdoor environment.

The Deck Tent You’ve Always Dreamed About

A good pool marquee has the ability to transform your outdoor space. When you have an adaptable shade solution in place on a veranda, you’re essentially adding another room to your house – especially if the patio tent is waterproof and fire-retardant. The same holds true for restaurants, wedding venues and even offices where a patio can be covered to be used for extra seating, outdoor receptions, events and assemblies in general. Best of all? It’s cost-effective, doesn’t require any construction and won’t result in any downtime if you want to install it at your place of business.

DID YOU KNOW? When you invest in a Tentickle tent you are buying into technology that has been stress-tested in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Have you heard of the Cape of Storms? This South African coastline was a notorious shipwreck magnet during the golden age of seafaring. These days we use it to test the durability of our tents.

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