A pagoda tent is, in fact, very similar to a stretch tent in appearance. They have a similar architectural silhouette – graceful, fluid lines and turret type protrusions. While a traditional pagoda tent is four-sided and has a single pointed turret, a stretch pagoda tent can be configured to a variety of shapes and the number of ‘turrets’ is determined by the size and number of poles used.

Where a traditional pagoda has a set shape and structure a stretch pagoda tent, or marquee, is dynamic and flexible – it can be set up to complement the surrounding environment. The turrets can be subtle or can be exaggerated to create more of a visual effect. A pagoda tent is square, and there is very little deviation from this, whereas a stretch pagoda marquee can be set up to fit any space. A traditional pagoda tent is a set size too, where a stretch pagoda can be any size you wish, and we can join tents to create the perfect size. If you are looking to cover a space bigger than the size of a traditional pagoda tent you will need to join more than one, and the look is much less organic and seamless than that of joined stretch pagoda marquees.

Stretch Pagoda for Sale

Our amazing range of stretch pagodas for sale will really set you apart from the crowd. Whether you are in the event industry, hospitality industry, a corporate or a private individual we can assist you with our unique range of pagoda marquees for sale.

Made to your specifications, we are expert pagoda tent manufacturers. With years of experience in the industry, we have perfected the art of producing a superior quality product.

We offer pagoda tents for sale that are made up to your specific size and colour. But more than that, we can offer you a range of fabric choices too. 100% waterproof, UV resistant and come in a fire retardant option too, when you order a pagoda tent from Tentickle you are not only getting a product that is built to last and withstand the elements, but you are also investing in a product that has been created by the finest craftsmen utilising German engineering and design principles.

We also offer a range of tent kits. These are smaller structures, more like a pagoda canopy. They are designed for smaller spaces and are literally a roof over your head. They are ideal for smaller installations such as market stalls, private use at home or festivals. They are easy to set up and compact to transport.

For more information about our range of pagoda tents and how they can work for you, contact one of our expert team members now to arrange a consultation.

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