Things to consider for an Outdoor Entertainment Area in SA

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area

Right now we are deep in the grips of winter so it is very hard to imagine being outside, braai firing up and chommies standing around shooting the breeze. But before we know it, summer will be upon us. It’ll be time to shed the winter woollies, trade Uggs for slip slops and hot chocolate for a nice cold crisp glass of sauvignon blanc. So, what better time to start preparing for longer days and sunnier skies.

We have compiled some ideas to create a kick-ass entertainment area that you’ll find hard to leave. In fact, we’ve even considered some ideas to create a warm and cozy spot that you’ll even enjoy on those cold winter nights.

1) Braai my bru

Nothing says outdoor living in South Africa better than a braai. It is safe to say that there are very few South African men who would even consider having an outside area where their treasured favourite ‘toy’ does not take centre stage. We all have memories of standing round the braai, cold drink in hand swapping tall tales with good mates. Whatever lights you fire, whether it be gas, charcoal or wood, no outdoor area is complete without a braai.

2) Sit down next to me

A gathering of friends or family conjures up images big tables laden with food and drink and lots of love and laughter. One of the most important things to provide is a space where people can congregate and be comfortable. Seating is a must, but more than that, comfortable seating. You don’t need to rush out and buy expensive garden furniture, you just need to ensure that there is enough seating for all your guests and that they are comfy and feel right at home.

3) Tables have turned

Like seating, a table is essential for successful outdoor entertaining. When we get together we love to gather around and share our stories, our food and our fondness for each other. Nothing sets the right tone for a party than a table set up for a good time. Chips, dips, meat, salads; they all get passed round the table as we share these special moments together.

4) We’ve got you covered

In South Africa we are very lucky with the weather. Summer means summer. Long, hot sunny days, warm nights. But, that being said we are not exempt from the elements. Wind and rain shouldn’t dampen the spirits of any party. With a Tentickle stretch tent you can protect yourself not only from bad weather, but our specially patented fabric also protects against harmful UV rays. Easy to put up, and more than suitable for use as permanent structures, a stretch tent from Tentickle give you the best of both worlds. We bring the inside out. Perfect for summer garden parties, and ideal for winter celebrations.

5) Turn up the heat

Whether you are throwing a summer garden party or a planning festivities for the winter, it’s never a bad idea to provide a little extra warmth at night. Mushroom heaters are easy to use, safe and relatively inexpensive. They also create a lot of heat. With a stretch tent set up they are even better as the heat is kept in, and guests are kept warm and toasty.

6) Fire it up

Fire pits are also a great idea for entertainment areas. They are a fantastic centre piece and create a real wow factor. They also heat up the area, and provide a focal point around which your guests can gather. Because our stretch tents are available in fire retardant fabric, they are ideal for use in conjunction with a Tentickle stretch tent.

7) Light up the night

Lighting is everything. With a Tentickle tent you can run fairy lights or lanterns along the edges of the tent. We can also advise about setting up other lighting in the tent too.

So, chase away the winter blues by creating the outdoor area of your dreams. Contact us now for a quote and more ideas about how to transform your backyard into an entertainment extravaganza.

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