A Tentickle Stretch Marquee = Unbeatable Quality

Whether you are planning to invest in a festival tent for your eventing business, want to market stretch tent sales and rentals in your region, or are simply on the lookout for an event tent for a personal occasion, Tentickle stretch marquees will fit the bill. Our tents are manufactured according to the highest international standards and enjoy global recognition thanks to the versatility, durability and aesthetics of our designs.

Choose Durable Party Tents

If you market or rent out wedding tents and party shelter, you want to be sure that the units in which you invest will hold up under the rigours of regular use. When you choose Tentickle Tents, you are assured of exceptional durability.

Make Room For More

Forward-thinking hospitality venues like hotels and restaurants require the ability to increase their seating capacity along with the seasons and other capacity requirements. Stretch marquees are a cost-effective way to make more room without resorting to construction.

Give Your Venue A USP

When a venue has a unique selling point (USP) like party tents that can be used to create unique spaces that have been tailored to individual customer needs, it becomes so much easier to market it to modern-day bridal couples and event organisers.

Branded Stretch Tents = Higher Visibility

When you buy or market an event tent from Tentickle, you have the option of branding it with a corporate logo so the very structure may serve as a marketing opportunity wherever it happens to be rigged. This is a cost-effective way to keep your brand top of mind.

Many Tent Styles for Many Needs

Tentickle party tents come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s simply a process of elimination to find the one that will suit your particular needs. Our team is available to assist you in finding a tent style that ticks all of your must-have boxes (and suits your budget, of course!).

Basic (Modular Design)

If you require a stretch marquee that is simple and efficient to use, our standard modular designs will fit the bill. These units can be used individually, or in combination to facilitate spatial solutions for a variety of events with all sorts of space requirements. As a festival tent or party tent, our modular units can be adapted for use in any way you see fit.

Take To The Stage

Certain event tents require a more tailored design, e.g. stage tents that are tailored to be wide open in the front, and low on the ground in the back to protect artists and equipment from the elements. Discuss your needs with our team of tent experts to learn more about our purpose-designed marquees and innovative stretch tent solutions.

Custom Tents

When you’re looking for a stretch marquee that has to conform to the dimensions and conditions of a given location, e.g. a restaurant or venue situated against a slope that gets lots of seasonal wind, you need a partner who can create a durable bespoke tent. Tentickle can assist you in tailoring a tented solution to suit even the most challenging destination.

Event Tent Sizes – Our Most Popular Sizes in Feet and Metres

First things first – before you choose a wedding marquee for hire or festival tent for personal use or rehire along the line, you need to determine which size will be best for your needs. Do you need a modular solution that can be adapted for many different occasions by adding further units as required, or do you have a seasonal destination of which the dimensions will always be the same? It can be a little daunting to do the arithmetic in this regard – which is why our expert team of event tent professionals are on hand to guide you through the process of making sense of it all. We have assisted countless businesses, venues and individuals to choose the ideal stretch tent, and we can do the same for you.

Feet Meters
20 x 30 6 x 9
20 x 40 6 x 12
30 x 30 9 x 9
30 x 40 9 x 12
30 x 50 9 x 15
40 x 40 12 x 12
40 x 60 12 x 18

Popular Tentickle Tent Accessories


Adding side walls to your stretch marquee is a simple and effective way to create an enclosed environment in which you can control the temperature with the adding of heaters or fans. This option allows tent owners and rental companies a wider scope of use right throughout the year.

Pole Options & Add-ons

We don’t just sell you a party tent and then leave you to figure out how to get it off the ground all on your own. Tentickle supplies a full range of pole options and other add-ons to ensure that you are covered from every angle – including wooden and aluminium poles & stands.

Rigging Equipment

Rigging and striking a festival tent can be quite the ordeal if you don’t have the right equipment at hand. At Tentickle, we offer a wide variety of stretch tent rigging equipment that rage from centre pole jacks and carabiner snap hooks, to protective transport bags and more.

Tent Colours

If you’re planning on purchasing an event tent or party shelter, you’ll have the option of choosing a colour that appeals to your taste and suits your requirements. Our core range of stretch tents is available in a range of fabric colours, including white, beige, chino, red and black. Custom colours can be discussed when you order a bespoke tent, but we also recommend that you speak to our tent experts about the innovative use of coloured lighting in neutral-coloured tents before you make a firm decision in this regard.

Tent Fabric

Tentickle stretch tents are available in 3 fabric ranges – Organic Stretch, TentFlex and Durastretch. Organic Stretch is incredibly lightweight and suitable for repeat rentals due to its quick recovery. TentFlex, on the other hand, can stand up to the rigours of the elements and make excellent semi-permanent structures. Durastretch has been developed to be highly tensile and fire-retardant, and you also have the option of adding a lifetime coat if you plan to set up a wedding tent hire business or similar.

All of Our Stretch Marquees have the Following Features

Fully Waterproof

We developed our stretch tents for use in extreme climates, so when we say it’s 100% waterproof you can be sure that we’ve stress tested it in some of the most intense climates around the world.

Certified Safe

Our party shelters and event tents have been subjected to international standard tests around the world, and we have the safety certifications to back it up. Feel free to have a look.

Excellent Warranties

Tentickle stretch marquees come with excellent product warranties, so you can rest assured that your investment is backed up by some assurance from the manufacturer.

Unbeatable Durability

We build our tents to last. Our aim has always been to show rental agencies, promotor and individual owners that a marquee tent is a good investment, so we’ve tailored one of the most durable tents on the market today.

Future-Proof Fabrics

When you store your tents between uses, you want to be sure that it will be in prime condition when you rig it again. This is why all of our fabrics are treated to be anti-microbial and long-lasting.

Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your stretch tent should not be an insurmountable chore. We’ve developed our stretch marquees to be easy to clean and mend on-site in the event of a rip or tear, so your business can go on as usual.

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