From weddings and festivals, to music events and trade expos, a Marquee Tent has become a familiar site to many of us who have attended a special event of some sorts. The versatility, cost effectiveness and durability of a Marquee Tent is already well established, but now thanks to Tentickle Tents they can also now be incredibly stylish!

Why Opt for a Marquee Tent?

Why blend into the crowd when you can make a statement with a Tentickle Marquee Tent! With multiple Marquee Tent colour and size options to choose from, there is literally no event that cannot be covered by a Tentickle Marquee Tent. Due to their unique modular design, our Marquee Tents can be used to cover small intimate events using our Small Marquee option, or expanded to encompass mass events for hundreds of people by utilising our Large Marquee format. Made from the finest organic fire retardant fabric, our Marquee Tents are water resistant, can be used in almost any weather (including exceptionally strong windy conditions), and comply with the most stringent of international safety regulations. To top it all off, they can be pitched on almost any terrain, so no matter where your special event is to be held, a Marquee Tent from Tentickle is the perfect way to provide memorable backdrop and shelter from snow, rain, sun, wind or any other type of weather condition mother nature might throw your way. Because of this our tents are often used as a:

Corporate Marquee

From corporate functions to team builders, a Corporate Marquee by Tentickle will not only give you the coverage you need, but will also make a statement to staff, suppliers and customers alike. Additionally, we can even brand your Corporate Marquee to ensure instant name recognition no matter what the corporate event.

Wedding Marquee

Our Wedding Marquee Tents are exceptionally popular across the globe thanks to the fact that they provide the perfect backdrop to any couples big day. From a discreet background that blends into the wedding, to showstoppers that help define that big day, Tentickle has it all.

Wheather-proof Gala Marquee

Did You Know? The fabric used to manufacture our festival marquee tents and other eventing units have been specially formulated by us to create some of the best heavy-duty marquee tents in the world. Tried and tested at Cape Agulhas, one of the world’s most volatile climate areas, our tents have withstood some of the harshest weather conditions for up to 7 months at a time.

Adaptable Gala Tent Marquee Options

Our gala tent marquee units can be adapted according to your needs. Hosting a warm-weather shindig somewhere sunny like Camps Bay in Cape Town, or Seville in Spain? Excellent! Keep the sides of the tent open and add a few fans to keep the air flowing beneath the canopy so you can provide your guests with a shady retreat during the hottest part of the day. Need to create some more space for an event in Oslo or Dublin during the winter months? No problem. Close up the sides of a Tentickle gala tent marquee with flush-fitting side flaps, put on some heaters and you’ll have a nice toasty space in no time at all.

Marquee for Sale

If you’re looking to own your Marquee Canopy for permanent or semi-permanent installation, then look no further than any one of our marquees for sale at Tentickle. These Heavy Duty Marquee Tents are durable and long lasting, which also makes them great for Marquee hire, tent rental and events coordination companies. Every Marquee Tent that is for sale at Tentickle is simple to pitch and is easily transportable. This makes them perfect for both companies and individuals who want to own their own business, promotional or events Marquee Tent.

Marquee for Hire

Not only do we supply Marquee Hire Companies with some of the best quality versatile Marquee Tents currently available anywhere in the world, but we actually offer Marquee for Hire both via Tentickle itself and through trusted Marquee Tent Hire partners. Thanks to the durable fabric used to manufacture our tents they are both long lasting, and offer excellent fabric recovery with little or no creasing, which allows them to be used again and again with the least amount of maintenance.

Marquee Sizes and Marquee Prices

Our Marquee Tents use a modular system that allows them to be scaled up or down depending on the size of the event. Of course, this will determine the difference in Marquee Price when considering what your Marquee tent needs actually will be. If you are unsure of what Marquee Tent Size will be needed to cover your special or corporate event, then please visit our tent sizes page to get a better understanding of what you’ll need to pull off the perfect outdoor event covered by a tent.

The Perfect Marquee Tent!

We’ve waxed lyrical about our Marquee Tents all over this page, but the proof as they say is in the pudding, so why not contact us a find out for yourself just how perfect a Marquee Tent manufactured by Tentickle actually is. You can either contact us directly at our production centre in Cape Town, or via any number of Marquee Tent distributors and tent hire partners across the globe. No matter if you are in Europe, Africa, Australia, North America or South America, a Tentickle Marquee Tent is just a click of the mouse, email or telephone call away.

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