An elegant lounge tent is a thing of beauty. Whether you’re hosting a music festival in Oslo, a cocktail party in Perth or a wedding on a wine farm outside Cape Town, providing guests with a space to chill out and wind down is a great way to set the scene for a memorable, laid-back event.

Why Should I Invest in A Lounge Tent?

Lounge tents are having a moment in the spotlight as event organisers and hosts recognise the need for less formal spaces where guests can mingle freely and enjoy a comfortable ambience while they wait for main proceedings to get underway. Giving your guests the option of stepping away from a formal table set-up or concert seating is a great way to make them feel welcome and relaxed in any scenario.

Upscale Your Lounge Tent with Tentickle

When you partner with Tentickle to rent or purchase a lounge tent, you get far more than just a simple stretch tent structure. Our expertly designed tents allow you to:

  • Choose a unit that suits your spatial requirements – we offer a variety of tent sizes so you can select the one that is in line with your eventing requirements. Not sure how to choose the right size? We will help you to do the math.
  • Close the walls to the ground with tailor-made weather-proof tent flaps to create a closed space in the event of inclement weather.
  • Add standing heaters or fans to create a more comfortable micro-climate if the day is excessively warm or cold thanks to our flame-retardant fabric.
  • Experiment with interior lights against the inside tent walls and roof to create a unique ambience.
  • Brand your company tent with a recognisable logo that can serve as static marketing material every time you host an event.
  • Rig your lounge tent against a slope or existing structure to create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.
  • Take advantage of expert rigging teams who will train your crew to rig and strike the tent quickly and efficiently every time.

Find Out More About Our Lounge Tent Solutions

Would you like to find out more about our tents and how you can rent or purchase a unit for repeated use? Get in touch with the Tentickle team by filling out the contact form on this page, and one of our knowledgeable team members will be in touch to discuss your requirements and advise you on the lounge tent that would best suit your needs.

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