Hotel Marquees – Increase Your Venue’s ROI

Are you looking to increase your hotel seating capacity and undercover floor space for ad hoc functions, weddings or conferences without incurring massive reconstruction costs? Then look no further than a Tentickle Stretch Tent, one of the most cost effective yet stylish semi permanent Hotel Marquee options in South Africa! Designed and manufactured right here in SA, our tents can maximize both your revenue and profit without costing an arm and a leg. This is because the semi permanent nature of our tents helps you to increase outdoor seating areas at any time of the year. Rain, sun, wind or snow, there is nothing that Tentickle Stretch Fabric Hotel Marquees cannot handle! In fact, the fabric that we use to manufacture our tents was developed by us to provide a waterproof and fire resistant addition to any hotel or restaurant function area.

Our Hotel Marquees in Action!

Although South African winters are generally milder than in the Northern Hemisphere, our summers can take their toll on many semi permanent tent structures, which is exactly why it makes sense to invest in a Stretch Fabric Tentickle Hotel Marquee, all of which are UV stabilized to ensure maximum outdoor durability. Additionally, out Stretch Fabric Hotel Marquees have all been thoroughly tested in some of the most extreme environments across the globe, and this helps to ensure that they provide the best possible tent coverage each and every time you use them.

5 Reasons To Hire or Purchase a Tentickle Hotel Marquee!

As a hotel or business owner time is money, so you need an easy to use, reliable way to increase your undercover floor space in your function, restaurant, wedding or conference venue. This is why we have created our semi permanent stretch tent structures in such a way that they are exceptionally quick to pitch by a limited amount of staff, or even one of our experienced tents teams. They can then be left up for as long as you need it! But that is not all that our Stretch Fabric Hotel Marquees offer, because they they are:

Exceptionally Stylish: Out with the drab and in with the fab! Thanks to the unique Tentickle Stretch Fabric that we use to manufacture our Hotel Tents each and every one of them naturally provide elegant lines that help add to the beauty of any building our outdoor area. Gone are the boring tent outlines of yesteryear, replaced with fabrics in almost any colour you could ever want. In fact, our tents can even be branded if the need arises!

Completely Safe: The fact that our tents are Fire Retardant, Waterproof, UV Stabilized, Antimicrobial and compliant with numerous local and international safety regulations makes them highly sought after and safe to use!

Amazingly Multipurpose: Our Stretch Fabric Hotel Marquees can be used indoors and outdoors, be attached to a building or simply be used as a freestanding tent. They can also be upscaled or downscaled to suit different size events! They can even be pitched on different types of terrain, including hillsides, rocky areas or forested areas, and of course, as mentioned numerous times on this page, they can be used all year round and in any weather.

Available Countrywide: No matter where in South Africa your hotel is situated, we can get a Stretch Fabric Tentickle Tent to you! Our extensive network of suppliers, and our Tentickle Tent Hire and Purchase Centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg, will always help to ensure that we have all of SA covered.

Available Now: Due to their popularity, and the fact that we manufacture our own tents, we endeavour to always have enough stock to provide both rental or purchase options to our customers at any time. Even at short notice! This means that there is almost no waiting period and your return on investment is immediate when using a Tentickle Hotel Marquee. Additionally, when a Tentickle Stretch Fabric Hotel Tent is added to a building, no additional planning or permissions are needed. This again saves both time and money when one or both are in short supply.

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Hotel Marquees and Luxury Hotel Tents Available!

If you’re looking to bulk up your special events and conferencing floorspace as well as add additional luxury rooms to your hotel without having to invest massive amounts of money in renovation and building projects, then why not take a look at our Luxury Hotel Tents (also commonly called Glamping) options. These tents are simply perfect for safari camps, luxury resorts and high end eco-farms.

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