It is time to host a large outdoor event and the inevitable question of what type of events tent will be needed to cover the function comes up – Frame Tent or Stretch Tent? This is when you need your tent facts at your fingertips, and we at Tentickle are here to help you make the correct decision and host the most memorable special event possible.

What is the Difference Between a Frame Tent and Stretch Tent

Although in function there is little that separates the two different tent types, as they are both very good at providing safe and dry events coverage, there is a big difference in form and aesthetic appeal. For example, Aluminium Frame Tent Hire is popular with the more corporate set due to the sophisticated look of these events tents, while Wooden Tent Frame Hire appeals to those looking for a more natural look for weddings and family affairs. But with Stretch Tents, which also have Aluminium and Wooden Tent poles available for hire, there is very little difference between the various types of clients who ask for a Stretch Tent. This is because a Stretch Tent is designed to offer versatility, as well as provide a stunning backdrop for any size or type of event. This can be seen in the way that Stretch Tents are used, as unlike a traditional Large Frame Tent (which consists of a roof canopy and side walls supported by a wooden or aluminium frame), a Tentickle Stretch Tent is more of a ‘free form’ temporary or semi-permanent structure erected under tension. This gives it a completely natural look, with lines and curves that appeal to the eye and that help the tent to blend effortlessly into any environment, bee it an urban or natural one. A Canvas Frame Tent on the other hand is more building like, and as its name implies it is built using a rigid frame, which makes it more prosaic.

Did you know? Some people have been known to mix both Stretch Tent and Frame Tents at Weddings to great effect! The juxtaposition of smooth Stretch Tent lines and rigged White Frame Tent form can be appealing to the eye and create a memorable look.

How do Frame Tent and Stretch Tent Sizes Compare?

As long as a frame is built to size, there is very little a Frame Tent will not be able to cover. In South Africa, they are often used by local and national government to host events and even large political rallies which means that they are capable of hosting masse outdoor events. Stretch Tents however are modular, which means that they can be adapted to cover any size event simply by adding or subtracting additional tents. Additionally, unlike Frame Tents which are effectively free-standing temporary structures, our Tentickle Bedouin style Stretch Tents can be rigged in numerous ways, including off existing walls or buildings. This makes them perfect for temporarily extending existing venues or even used indoors to help create a specific look or theme. Stretch tents can even be rigged according to the weather or season, with walls down to create a fully closed down structure when it rains or is cold, or with one, two or all sides up when it is hot. A Stretch Tent can even be rigged without walls if the venue has a great view that that guests can enjoy.

Did you know? Although available in a number of sizes, a 15’x15’ Frame Tent is commonly the most requested size of this tent type. With Stretch Tents however, 20’x40’, 30’x60’ and 40’x60’ are often the preferred sizes.

Stretch Tents and Frame Tents for Sale

Although we are known both here in South Africa and abroad for our Stretch Tent Rental Services, we also provide Stretch Tents for Sale to both individuals as well as businesses. Please feel free to contact us via our Buy, Hire or Enquire Request at the top righthand side of this page. Please note however that we do NOT sell or hire Frame Tents, only high quality Tentickle Stretch Tents!

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