Stretch Tent Marquee Sales have increased in Western Europe due to their popular use at festivals, concerts, weddings, markets and countless events throughout Europe and France. Our Bedouin-inspired design and superior-quality fabric merges functionality and form to create event tents that are long-lasting, aesthetically alluring and available across France.

Buying instead of Hiring Stretch Tent Marquees

Buying stretch tent marquees eliminate the cost of hiring tents for all-types of events every time you need one, especially if you are an event or wedding planner. Stretch tents are not limited by surface type as they can be installed virtually anywhere you can anchor it, either with pegs or our compact weighted anchor points. They are also not necessarily restricted by size as multiple stretch tents can be joined via sleek guttering systems, allowing for versatile venue creation.

Our stretch tent marquees are manufactured from high-grade organic UV resistant fabric which curbs the amount of sun damage over the course of its life. The fabric is also fire retardant allowing for the use of lighting solutions that would otherwise be unsafe such as candles and gas heaters. Our stretch tents are also widely used by hotels, wine estates, restaurants and cafés to create permanent exterior spaces that can be used all year round.

Advantages of Buying our Stretch Tents

There are many advantages to buying a stretch tent, they include:

  • Marquee tents cost-effectively increase outdoor space for restaurants and hotels
  • Our high-grade organic fabric is both UV resistant and fire retardant
  • Our stretch tents can be semi-permanently installed for years of use with little maintenance
  • Create unique reception and ceremony spaces as wedding tents
  • Easy storage and setup for festivals, expo’s, staged events and corporate functions
  • Save money on brick-and-mortar venue hire every time you require an event space
  • Can be custom designed and branded to suit your specific needs

Stretch Tent Marquee Prices

Have we peaked your interest? Enquire about our stretch tent marquees for sale in France and one of our expert consultants will discuss the best options to suit your needs and budget.

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