Top Ten Event Trends for 2017

What’s hot in the event industry for 2017

What’s hot in the event industry for 2017

Event managers and those who work in the event industry will be all too familiar with the challenges involved in providing unique events that create a huge impact, give attendees a truly engaging experience and meet the needs of their clients.

Whether you are a wedding planner, party planner, corporate event guru or brand account manager you will understand the importance of creating an event that stands apart from others, that creates hype and knocks the socks off your guests.

It can be very overwhelming trying to organise an event that is relevant and on trend, but still original. The more research you do, the more trawling on the internet, the more confusing and the more mind boggling it can get. So, we have put together a list of ten of the hottest event trends for 2017.

1) Smaller is better

There is a big move away from huge guest lists at events. Both private and corporate event managers are seeing that more and more people want smaller, more intimate, more engaging events. There are several reasons – first of all, from a budget point of view you can provide a much more elaborate experience for fewer people. Then, of course, there’s the engagement factor – whether it’s a birthday party or a product launch, the more people there the less individual engagement there will be. Too many people means that there is always someone (or several someones) who get lost in the crowd.

2) Shhhh

Secret events have become very popular. They create a sense of exclusivity and anticipation. The nature of secret events also means that attendees are engaging before the event starts. And there’s nothing like a secret to get people talking either.

3) Phone Smarts

We live in an age where most people don’t function without their cell phones. We have become very dependent on our phones for everything, so why not cash in on this? Instead of bombarding guests with emails, you can create an event-specific app. You can provide a platform where photos can be uploaded during the event and where your guests can provide feedback after the event.

4) Tech it up

Technology is always on trend. Whether it’s using drones to take aerial shots of the wedding party, LED dance floors or headphones for the silent disco. The more tech, the better.

5) Interact with the crowd

Whether you create an app specially for your event that requires guests to interact or provide leisure activities or group games, the more your audience engages the more of a lasting impact your event will have – you are creating memories that your guests can take away with them. Experiential events prove to be much more successful than those where attendees simply sit or just eat and drink.

6) Sustainability

Sustainability is about more than just providing recycling bins and bamboo cutlery. More and more people are demanding that more is done to create less of an impact, so event companies are offering seasonal menus and locally sourced products and services. They are also going as far as to donate leftover food and non-returnable items to charities and shelters. There is a lot to be said for providing clients with the opportunity to help those less fortunate AND have the event of their dreams.

7) One stop supplier shop

One of the biggest nightmares event managers face is being at the mercy of suppliers. One supplier letting you down can cause a chain reaction that can lead to the entire event falling apart. By finding a single supplier who can provide all the elements can prevent this from happening. You also have more negotiating power with a single supplier. If you going for outdoor events, ensure that your events supplier has a reputable event tents supplier, such as Tentickle Stretch Tents, on their books.

8) Expect the Unexpected

Conference centres are so passé. Finding new and exciting venues can be a real challenge, but it is one that can totally redefine your event. When it comes to venues, out-the-box thinking can transform a good event into a great one. Don’t be limited by traditional venues. And don’t be limited by the lack of infrastructure at a venue. Talk to us about setting up stretch tents. Our incredible range of tents is not only weather-proof, but so versatile that our tents come in a range of sizes and colours, and can be set-up almost anywhere. Whether it’s a unique and unusual outdoor venue or an existing structure, our tents can be set up to stand alone or can be anchored to existing buildings.

9) Embrace nature

Whether it’s bringing the outdoors inside or setting your event up outside, nature is a key player in 2017. This year’s trending colour is also green. So green your event up – plants, natural materials, beautiful outdoor venues. These are all winning elements for any successful event.

10) Set up a pop-up

Pop-up events are everywhere. From clothing and jewellery sales to brand activations, pop-ups have made their mark. Venues are transformed from the expected to something totally unexpected. Larger venues are becoming stale and overdone, so new venues are becoming more and sought after for these sorts of events. The nature of a pop us that it is set up fast, and it disappears just as quickly. There is no long drawn out process, no endless marketing either. Pop-ups are all about immediacy. And this means that the focus is on the actual event.

The key to standing out from the crowd in 2017 is out-the-box thinking. Whether you are hosting a corporate launch, a wedding or a family reunion remember that if you are providing an activity or experience it is important to embrace the tech, find unique venue and create a different format for your attendees. By implementing these trends you will be amazed how much of a wow factor you can create.

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