Sand-and-sea lovers can now take the time to relax and get married in the sun. In fact, Beach Weddings in Germany have become so popular, that they have become quite the status symbol amongst the younger generation of Germans.

5 Best German Beach Wedding Venues

Tentickle might be able to provide the best stretch fabric wedding tents in Germany, but they also need a few amazing beach wedding venues to ensure that you have the most amazing wedding possible. These include the following Top 5 best German Beach Wedding Venues in Germany:

1. Sylt

The northernmost island in Germany is lovingly referred to as the ‘Queen of the North Sea’ thanks to nearly 40 km of fine sandy beaches along its west coast. This is possibly one of the most popular beach wedding areas because of the wide variety of different beaches available, including:

  • Wenningstedt
  • Samoa
  • Sansibar
  • Rotes Kliff

2. Bay of Lübeck

With an air of history that permanently permeates the area, the Bay of Lübeck boasts more than just one beautiful beach. These include:

  • Timmendorfer
  • Scharbeutzer
  • Grömitzer
  • Dhame
  • Pelzerhaken

3. Usedom

The Pomeranian island of Usedom sits between Germany and Poland and includes a 45km-long coast with stunning sandy beaches that help to showcase a number of beautiful small bays. Popular beach wedding spots include:

  • Drei Kaiserbäder
  • Bernsteinbäder
  • Ostseebäder
  • Zempin

4. St. Peter-Ording

St. Peter-Ording can be found in Schleswig-Holstein and not only has some of the best German beach wedding venues, but also its sulphur springs. St. Peter-Ording includes a 12km long beach that is very popular with the younger generation of sports mad Germans and boasts a thriving kite surfing community.

5. Amrum

Amrum is an island that is just south of Sylt and it offers potential beach wedding seekers the chance to enjoy a 10km-wide ocean sandbank. Amrum is known as the ‘Island of Freedom’ and on an early summer’s day you are almost guaranteed to have the beach all to yourself if you prefer a more private German beach wedding occasion.

The Perfect Beach Wedding Tent

You’ve found the perfect German beach wedding venue, but now you need the best possible wedding tent to compliment the occasion. This is where Tentickle Tents come in, because our stretch fabric wedding and events tents can be set up in almost any area and can withstand any type of weather. This means that you can rest assured that your German Beach Wedding will be the best it can possibly be, no matter where you decide to hold it.

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