Corporate Party Ideas With a Difference (Part 2)

Corporate Party Ideas

Last month we delved into the world of work parties and corporate events. The mandatory team building exercises that strike fear into the hearts of many no longer need to be the dread-filled experiences of the past. There are so many different and fun things to do with work colleagues and clients that these events need not be the dull and dreaded days that most come to expect from workplace parties. Get creative and have some fun. Just because it’s a work event doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Here are five more fantastic work party ideas:

1) Sing-a-Long

Everyone loves a sing-a-long, and if you have ever been to a karaoke party you will know how much fun it can be. Not only does it bring people out of their shells, it breaks down barriers and is a great form of self expression. Karaoke machines are easy to hire and even easier to use. To really take this theme to the next level make the event fancy dress. Let your colleagues bring out their inner Madonnas, Bruce Springsteens and Bon Jovis.

2) James Bond Themed Party

This is a great theme. It gives everyone the chance to get dressed up, be glamourous and with a huge range of characters to choose from you really can get creative. Embrace your inner villain or strut your stuff as a Bond girl, or opt for the simple, suave and sophisticated Mr Bond himself. This theme also lends itself to wonderful games and challenges, and just like in a James Bond movie there will be plenty of out the box problem solving opportunities to show off and shine.

3) Treasure Hunt

This is a great way to practice team building, problem solving and have fun at the same time. The idea of a treasure hunt brings back happy childhood memories for many people, and so creates a great mental space before you’ve even started. That combined with the competitive aspect, the fun and the team dynamic means you’ll be on to a real winner. And there are prizes to boot; you can’t go wrong with this one!

4) Under the Sea

This is very creative and imaginative theme. Fancy dress parties really get the creative juices flowing. They are also a great way to get people to drop their guards and loosen up. There is something about being in character that not only relaxes people but also brings out a fun much more relaxed side to them. The decor and dress options for this theme are endless. If you really want to push the boat out a great venue for this theme is the aquarium. This will impress and leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

5) Extreme Activities

There is something about pushing people to their limits that brings out their inner strengths and plays on their best abilities. Whether you are looking at a climbing wall, zip lining or an adventure course challenge your employees to do what scares them and once they’ve done it, they will realise that there was nothing to be afraid of… This is a great workplace metaphor and a great life lesson to learn too.

With such a wide range of varied ideas, there is no excuse for boring workplace parties or events. With years of experience working with event planners and organisers, at Tentickle we have the expertise to advise and assist you with all your corporate entertaining needs. Contact us now to discuss this further.

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