Convention tents are a great option for event organisers and business owners who are on the lookout for adaptable, affordable spatial solutions. Tent conventions are growing in popularity around the world due to various practical considerations – it’s a simple way to provide space for a large crowd of delegates; it’s affordable; it allows for a greater selection of venue choices; etc. Here’s what you should be looking for in a tent to host your next convention:

What to Look For In a Convention Tent

When you’re looking for a stretch tent that can accommodate a sizeable convention, you should be looking for a tent that is:

  1. Adaptable for various uses, especially if you’re looking to purchase a tent for repeated use. When you invest in an event marquee, you want to be sure that it is multifunctional and user-friendly.
  2. Made from sturdy, weatherproof material that will be able to keep your delegates comfortable despite the temperatures outside.
  3. Simple enough to rig and strike that you won’t dread the set-up or break-down process every time you host a convention in your tent.
  4. A mobile billboard for your business whenever you set it up.

Why Tentickle Convention Tents?

When you buy or rent a stretch tent from Tentickle, you can rest assured that you will enjoy access to a highly intuitive tent system that can be adapted according to your needs. The modular design of our tents allows users to join multiple tents together if a large area needs to be covered; the tents can also be rigged at steep inclines and against existing structures, so it is suitable for just about any venue.

Every Tentickle tent is made from fire-retardant, waterproof fabric and can be closed down to the ground using tailormade side-flaps. This means the user can control the temperature beneath the tent with ease, by using free-standing air-conditioning units, fans, or heaters if the weather turns cold. Additionally, we offer specialist rigging support to ensure that the set-up and the break-down process goes off without a hitch.

Best of all? If you intend to purchase a convention tent for repeated use, you can easily brand your tent to serve as a static marketing tool whenever you set up your tent at a new site.

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