Commercial Tents, which are also sometimes referred to as Industrial Tents, are large portable semi-permanent structures that can be used to house large events or even as expansions to existing warehouses, stadiums and outdoor entertainment venues. Our Tentickle Tents are perfect for this job, and thanks to their modular design are instantly and infinitely expandable to cover any sized situation, problem or special event.

Large Commercial Tents

Commercial Tents normally need to be as large as possible, and thanks to our specialised stretch tent modular system even the most popular tent sizes can be accommodated and easily assembled and pitched within minutes. Some of the most popular Large Commercial Tent sizes, which our tents can easily accommodate, include:

  • 20m x 40m Commercial Tents
  • 20m x 30m Commercial Tents
  • 20m x 20m Commercial Tents

No matter if you need a larger or smaller sized Commercial Tent than those represented here, we can help you thanks to the versatility of our Large Tentickle Commercial Tents which are available worldwide from slected Tent Hire and Purchase Partners.

Versatile and Rugged Commercial Outdoor Tents

Our Commercial Outdoor Tents are custom designed and developed in South Africa to meet some of the world’s most stringent safety legislation and are rugged enough to take on any weather, be it the harshest of European winters, the relentless African sun or the howling winds found on almost any coastline around the globe.

Additionally, our Outdoor Commercial Tents can be pitched on almost any surface, be it a hill, rugged rocky outcrop or even a dense forest. This makes them extremely versatile and perfect for military and humanitarian applications.

Our commercial canopy tent solutions are also not just all work and no play, as they can conveniently be used to host a range of special events, including music festivals, birthdays and other personal or private affairs. They also offer excellent branding opportunities, as the fabric used to manufacture our tents is not only rugged and safe, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and easy to print on. Their elegant design also helps to create an excellent backdrop for any type of function, and they are one of the few Commercial Tents for Sale today which are available in multiple colours.

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Manufactured using some of the most advanced tent fabric technology in the world; our Commercial Tents are some of the best ever manufactured anywhere! If you would like to know how to Buy a Commercial Tent or Rent a Commercial Tent, then please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

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