WeCover HK Design & Build and WeCover Stretch Tents & Canopies are the proud approved suppliers of Tentickle Stretch Tents in China. Whether you need a tent for a wedding, a music festival, a stage event or a corporate party, we are standing ready to offer you the best stretch tents available in the global market today. Made from 100% waterproof, fire-retardant and organic material, these beautiful tents have no limits when it comes to versatility.

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When considering an outdoor venue for your wedding or other event, you can rest assured that our Bedouin inspired stretch tents will not disappoint when it comes to weathering extreme conditions or being pitched on uneven terrain. Couple that with being easily transportable and adaptable for any size event, and you have a winner!

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Many event planners in the industry choose only Tentickle Stretch Tents to work with, especially since the fabric comply to international safety standards. Even restauranteers and venue owners alike use our tents to expand their booking and entertainment capacity, and hence their ROI.

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