Branded Corporate Tent Sales Soar

International Bedouin Stretch Tent Manufacturer, Tentickle Tents, has announced a sharp upturn in the amount of branded corporate tents sold in the first half of the European summer.

Cape Town, June 2013 : At an event held at the Tentickle Bedouin Tents International head offices in Cape Town, South Africa, Tentickle Managing Director Mr. Marco Slunder has revealed that the company has seen a sharp upswing in the amount of branded corporate tents being exported to Western Europe.

He further went on to add that the increase in sales is partly due to the quality of the Tentickle tents provided to European clients, but also added that the ever expanding Bedouin tent distribution network that Tentickle has built in Europe has now started to yield results.

Mr. Slunder also stated that

in our business time is of the essence and thanks to our quick tent manufacturing, logo printing and delivery times, we can provide any type of branded Bedouin tent to any venue anywhere in Europe.

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