Tips for Planning a Tented Wedding

There is nothing quite like an outdoor wedding. The vast expanse of blue skies. The sweet sounds of the birds chirping in the trees. The gentle buzzing of bumble bees in the long green grass. Or, the soothing sounds of the waves lapping gently on the shore line. The feeling of sand between your toes as you say “I do.” You might even be getting married with a majestic mountain as your backdrop.

Whatever your preference, choices are almost limitless when you choose a Tentickle wedding tent. Our tents are designed so that they can be set up on almost any surface, in any terrain, and can withstand extreme weather conditions, should the need arise.

Our years of experience setting up for weddings all over the world, at venues that vary from cut off and remote to city centres, means we understand exactly what is needed when it comes to tented weddings. And so, we have put together our own troubleshooting list that will cover all your bases, and your guests, so that you can sit back and enjoy your day without having to worry.

  1. The choices are endless.
    Pitch Anywhere - Tented Wedding

    Pitch Anywhere – Tented Wedding

    Because of the way marquee manufacturers have designed our tents, they can be set up literally anywhere. The pole system that we use means that our tents can be set up on grass, gravel, stones or concrete, They can also be set up on slightly uneven terrain or on different levels. So, don’t be limited by your venue choice because of the ground that the tent is going in.
  2. Let us help you.
    Once you have chosen the location of your dreams, let us use our expertise and experience to advise you how to get the most out of the venue, the ideal tent configuration, and the best size stretch tent to accommodate the number of your guests and the format of your wedding.
  3. Don’t let the weather get you down
    Whatever the weather, our tents are the perfect roof under which to have any celebration. Designed for rain or shine, our tents can withstand high winds and are 100% waterproof too. For a hot summer’s day, not only are your guests protected from the beating sun’s high temperatures but we also set up the tents in such a way so as to maximise airflow. We also suggest fans, hats and or parasols as additional protection against the sun. Should there be showers forecast, we highly recommend the addition of sidewalls for the tent. The sidewalls not only protect against the rain but also keep the cold air out. We also highly recommend the use of mushroom heaters, providing blankets for your guests and umbrellas so that they can move between areas of the venue without getting soaked.
  4. Get grounded
    Venues with soft ground can present a challenge for some guests, especially the ladies who are fond of high heels. There are several options. You can carpet parts of the venue, such as under the tents or along designated walkways. Dance floors can also be set up so that there is solid ground for your guests to “get down” on. Another way to help the ladies in heels is to have plastic heel protectors available for those who want them.
  5. Power up
    The chances are that if you are having an outdoor wedding you are probably going to need additional power. Before you embark on this mission, make a list of exactly what equipment you will need and how much power each uses. If there is power at the venue try to do a dry run – it would be a shame if on the night that extra string of fairy lights tripped all the power and your guests had to dance in the dark to a sing along selection. If you have to bring a generator in, be mindful of whether or not it is silent. If it isn’t, place it far enough away not to be heard.
  6. Light up
    Lighting - Tented Wedding

    Lighting – Tented Wedding

    Lighting is everything. Our stretch tents are so beautiful to look at and are an added feature to any wedding venue. They are also extremely romantic and act as a blank canvas for any decor or theme you choose. The peaked ceilings and natural colours mean that they can be lit in almost any way – rustic fairy lights, elegant chandeliers, romantic candle light, flashing disco lights. Chat to us about lighting options.
  7. Absolute ablutions
    Make sure there are enough loos. There is nothing worse than having to queue to use the restroom. Calculate at least one loo per 45 to 50 people.
  8. Parking and transport
    If your guests are driving, it is important to have enough parking to cater for all the cars. If there is no parking close by, offer your guests a shuttle service – you don’t want everyone exhausted and disheveled before the wedding has even started. Alternatively, if you can provide transport for your guests so that you don’t need to worry about parking, and they don’t have to worry about drinking and driving.

Your wedding day is YOUR special day, and so should be unique and perfect. Being outside surrounded by nature’s beauty, in the presence of friends and family as you say your vows and celebrate your love, your wedding day should go off without a hitch. And now, thanks to our outdoor wedding checklist you can enjoy your day knowing that all the details have been dealt with and the only thing getting hitched is you. With the Tentickle team, you can guarantee that we’ve got it covered.

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