5 Best Camping Sites in Europe

As they say: “Stress is caused by not camping enough”

In a region that is as geographically diverse as Europe, there is always going to be any number of amazing places where you can simply pitch a tent and enjoy the magic of the outdoors. But what we wanted to know was, are there any of these unique camping sites that stand out from the crowd? To find out we interviewed a few of our staff, all of whom are not just tent enthusiasts, but also have had the privilege of working or staying at some of the most beautiful camping spots in all of Europe. Out of all of the answers we received, 5 campings sites stood out from the crowd! These are those breathtaking places:

Camping Milin Kerhé in France

The Brittany coastline is one of the most awe inspiring parts of Europe, and because of this there are no shortage of outstanding camping areas. However, there is one exceptional one, an idyllic place that boasts abundant terraced fields, dappled woodland and a wild salmon-rich river. This is Camping Milin Kerhé, one of France’s best kept camping secrets! This relaxed camping site offers place for tents, campervans and even large scale motorhomes, and includes abundant sporting facilities that cater for everything from boules to kayaking. As an added bonus, it is just 30 minutes away from some of the best beaches in France!

Lo Stambecco in Italy

If you have an eye for stunning sunset views and a yearning for a tranquil setting, then this is the place to set up a tent in Europe! Situated on the Italian side of Mont Blanc Massif, Lo Stambecco sits on the edge of the tiny village of Valnontey and is home to some of the best camping facilities in Europe, which includes a quaint bar and an extensive reading and board game area.

Camping Lagos de Somiedo in Spain

Rustic, unspoilt and situated within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Camping Lagos de Somiedo is a nature lovers dream! This small, yet beautiful campsite is home to some of the rarest European wildlife, so is perfect for those looking to breakaway from their urban existence and explore the great outdoors.

Camping De Roos in The Netherlands

Situated on the banks of the River Vech, Camping De Roos is one of the most perfect places in the world to spend a night under the canvas of a tent. Breathtaking natural beauty is the norm here, and Camping De Roos is known for its plentiful biking and hiking routes, as well as eco friendly carbon footprint.

Camp Liza in Slovenia

With not one but two rivers flowing through it, Slovenia’s exciting Kamp Liza is every water lovers dream camping site. This large Eastern European campsite has an extremely laid-back feel to it, which is further bolstered by its large kayaking contingent and near location to a centre for adventure sports at the 800-year-old Bovec.

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