The History of the Bedouin Tent

Bedouin Tents

A Brief History of the Bedouin Tent

The history of the tent is a long and interesting tale. One of the earliest forms of shelter, the tent is associated with wanderers and nomads. From man’s most primitive days the tent was used as a form of shelter. Even the most rudimentary structures have common attributes to today’s dwellings – divided sections for different living functions, supporting structures, a roof, a floor and an entrance of some sort.

While primitive man used the tent as makeshift shelter, as man evolved so too did the tent. Associated with early Nomads the tent became necessary equipment for tribes that needed shelter that was required to be set up and broken down in a hurry.

Although Nomadism was prevalent throughout the world it became synonymous with the Bedouin tribes of ancient Nabatea, Sinai and Mesopotamia – which today incorporates much of the Arabian Peninsula. Although a huge geographical region inhabited by many different tribes, there was one thing they all had in common and that was the Bedouin tent.

The rectangular structures were supported by poles and made from either goat or camel hair, were split into sections – one private and one for entertaining.

The tents not only served as shelter from the harsh desert conditions but also provided a space for engaging and hosting guests. The Bedouins were renowned for their hospitality. Guests and fellow travellers were always welcomed and the generosity of the Bedouin tribes became one of their best known characteristics. For travellers in the desert spotting that all too familiar silhouette of a temporary Bedouin village was akin to the sighting of desert oasis.

Fast forward several centuries to today. The Bedouin tent is still very much alive, and has been modernised and updated to fit suit today’s needs. Still very much in touch with its origins in hospitality and good times Bedouin tents today are used for entertaining, for protection against the elements and to create a welcoming oasis for any event or function.

Unlike Bedouin tents of way-back-when, today’s variety, more commonly called Stretch Tents, are waterproof and made of the highest most technologically advanced fabrics. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and can be tailor made to fit any occasion.

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